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I just found the following link in a thread on the SAH forum - http://thefullfacts.com/esa/forum/ Has anybody used this forum to help with their benefit claim?

The Full Facts - A guide to ESA and ATOS claim form and medical examination assessments

I haven't looked at the forum in any great detail, but just wondered whether it might be helpful in any way.

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Thanks for that Karen, although it is no longer relevant to me it should be useful for others.

I also know of another couple of forums that are good for benefit advice, one of them very good but a membership fee is payable for full facts and help on that particular one.

It is always advisable to get professional help in filling in these forms, do not go to DWP or JC+, they will do you no favours. Try the Welfare Rights Dept at your local or county council as a first choice and failing that the CAB.

A trained Welfare Rights officer will know the correct way to explain things as key words and phrases are looked for by the Decision Makers.

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My friend Lyn got the Welfare Rights to help her fill out the form she has arthuritis she's only in her 30's she's one of the girlz that I meet up with for coffee, anyway without them she wouldnt have gotten what she did, that's why with this review Im not worrying I just waiting and thats the road I was going to go down if & when...

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Have to agree with Penny, the council run Welfare Rights have been an amazing source of help to me. They understand the reason behind some of the questions that we may miss. As an example I had a lady here this week from welfare rights to do my sons DLA form (the same lady who helped with my own DLA form & ESA application). One of the questions sounded to me like: have any adaptations been made for him at school - I said 'no' as I was thinking of things like hand rails, wheelchair ramps etc which he does not need. She pointed out that his need for a laptop to make his written work legible to others WAS an adaptation. As is extra support to find his way around etc, etc.

I realise this may seem obvious to others, but to me, with the way my brain now works, it wasn't. These people are trained to see past what we think we are being asked & well worth getting assistance from after an SAH.

Michelle x

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