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Does anyone have a problem with there emotions I cry at adverts on tv in the past but now they are gone !!! Not just because off my granny but other family matters close to the heart and I'm as dry as a whistle what's up with this. Not that I want to cry but I no everything that's come up in the last few days should make me feel something where is the person I was have I turned into an uncaring !!!!???!!!

Does anyone else have this problem I'm becoming so lost


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Hiya, Im the oppisite to you I used to be like that now sob at the smallest thing....I doubt your uncaring its more the part of your brain that been damaged dont be too hard on yourself maybe this is the emotion your having.....take care hugs.xx

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Hiya Donna,

I used to cry at adverts, Eastenders, nature programmes where something small gets eaten by something big and that has all stopped. I kind of like that it has stopped if I was honest, but like Cath, I don't get excited about anything either.

The tears will possibly come at another time, maybe you are simply not ready yet.

Dawn x

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Hi Donna, our brains work in mysterious ways don't they. I wouldn't worry, perhaps your brain is protecting itself from the pain of why your family has gathered together. It would also be normal to be happy that everyone is together, even though your grans illness is the reason everyone is there. We bring comfort to one another.

Sandi K


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My emotions have been SEVERELY affected. I don't know where your aneurysms were, but my blood was located in the brain stem and this has greatly affected the pathway from my frontal/reasoning/cognitive regions ability to 'control' my primitive emotional expressions. It has been very hard and if it weren't for this aspect, I'd be well on my way. I cry over strange things all the time. I cry when I wake like a baby or when I feel stressed, or when I don't really want to do something. I have never cried about any of these thing before SAH, I've always been very stoic. Now I can't go to church as I am crying because the music is too joyous or the communion line is too long...but everyone thinks I am having some religious mountain top experience because I just cry and cry. And then, it's like nothing ever happened. My mood is good for the most part and others get so stressed when I am crying, but after it's done...it's totally done like it never existed, until the next time it strikes. I also startle really easily and get astonished at the dumbest things or get excited just imagining being excited. I also empathize very extremely to the point where I take on the actual emotion instead of just understanding with a sense of distance. Needless to say, I can't be around anyone who is freshly mourning or really stressed.

This is called PBA or Pseudobulbar Affect and from what I have read, it should get better over time and can affect up to 50% of stroke patients. I've been waiting. Although, it has gotten better, it's not gone for me yet. If you're experiencing these things, I hope it will get better for you sooner rather than later. There is a brand new drug for this- Nuedexta. I have opted to see a neuropsychologist instead and it is helping. I have not tried the drug though. It might be worth asking your doctor about?

Take care and I hope this gets better for you.


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