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One year ago & I think I may be having problems?

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I just found this site and thought maybe it could help. In November of 2011 I had an SAH. I was at home for 4 days because the first hospital did nothing for me and said I pulled a muscle in my neck then I went to a different hospital and ended up in the ICU for 5 days and general for another 5. I rested at home for a month and went back to work. I sold insurance at the time so nothing physical but a highly stressful job as it was commission only. I have felt great over the past year and never really thought I had any effects. Over the past year I have had a tough time remembering little things that my wife tells me. Things like where she bought something and then a few days later I cant remember where she bought it. I also have a tough time listening to her and doing something else at the same time. I thought it was just me being an idiot and tuning out my wife but I have really tried to make an effort to listen and to remember things and I am having a tough time. Has anyone had or heard of a similar situation. I thought I was fine from this whole SAH thing but now this has me thinking if my problem stems from the SAH I had last year. I feel like there is nothing a doctor can do for me if I even went to go see one about the issue. Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.:-D

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Hi there, you are one year behind me. Mine was Nov 2010.

Sounds like you've done really well this past year! Going back to work is tough for many of us but you've managed it and say you feel well, that's really great!

As Penny says, the things you describe are common for us SAHers. I don't have short term memory problems. I took some neuropsych cognitive testing a year or so ago. It took a day and a half. My problem is that I don't retain all of the information to begin with. It's especially worse if I'm fatigued. When someone is telling me something I'll remember most of it but some of it comes in one ear and goes right out the other immediately. I never caught the info to begin with so can't 'remember' it. I miss bits of info entirely.

Multitasking is something I really struggle with. I need to stay on task and focus. Easily distracted and difficult to get back on task.

To cope with some of this I write stuff down. When people tell me things I need to know I write it down. I have a day timer, a paper list of daily things to do, and an electronic reminders list and an electronic calendar synced with my husband's.

Sandi K.

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Being tired, not drinking enough water and doing too much all make me a mess. I cannot take a bunch of noise either. I work for a veterinarain and I swear somedays the dogs have just changed his color of fur to fool me. i certainly do not remember clients like I use to either. No you are not alone. maryb

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I definitely have issues with multi-tasking and memory although I have to say both have improved massively with time, it's 16 months since I had sah. Because there are so many factors involved in sah, there is a wide scope for how we have been affected and the kind of recovery we each have. I used to write everything down, it was essential. But I have noticed in the last few weeks that I no longer live from my diary. I still have to write down the time if I take any pain medication as well as what I've taken because as soon as I swallow it, it's forgotten and it would be very easy for me to overdose.

Like Mary, I too struggle with noise and as a result live most of my days and nights with earplugs firmly rooted in my ears. The improvement in my memory is nothing short of astonishing, I literally couldn't remember anything from 2 minutes ago for many months after sah. Things really do get better! I wish you all the best.

Dawn x

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I really try not to multi-task anymore. It's never worth it for me...I get too tired too fast.

It is also really hard for others (and ourselves) to understand that processing a conversation has so many cognitive parts to it and that it is just too overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes it isn't hard, so take advantage of those times with your wife. At the other times, just tell her that you're kind of out of it today and you may not remember stuff when you're like this. If it is really important, have her write it down after she tells you...but honestly, it really doesn't matter where she bought a certain item...let her keep track of that silly stuff.

Save your memory for when it counts.


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