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Annie number 2

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Hi All

Been to the neurosurgeon today, appointment number 2 since SAH. Scan results showed a little fluid which would account for the way I'm currently feeling, i.e. not a quick enough recovery, seem to have reached a plateau, memory not improving etc. He said it should dissipate in time and there's not much more than he would expect seven months on so no shunt required.

Also having second aneurysm clipped and am now on the waiting list - should be in about 4 months time. Given my age there's a 1 in 4 chance of it bursting - those odds aren't long enough for me so have opted for the op. I can, of course, change my mind......Get it all out of the way in the short term rather than drag it out even further! Plus, don't think I'd be as lucky a second time if number 2 were to burst.

Big decision, big dilemma but I know I can't live every day wondering.

Sarah x

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Hi Sarah,

Think that I would make the same choice as yourself with regard to the 2nd aneurysm.....I think that you've coped marvellously with your recovery and I'm not sure how I would have done, knowing that I also had a 2nd one to deal with....I realise that this can't have been easy for you.

Sending a big hug your way......

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Hi Sarah

I'm with Karen, I would go for it. I know there are know guarantees either way but I would feel more in control. I don't know if this helps but most of the folk with me in hospital and other people I've been chatting to all had more than one, I was seen as quite the freak of nature!

Take Care, big hugs.

Aine xox

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Hi there

Yep I'm with Karen & Aine there too.

When I thought I'd reached a plateau I hadnt things were still improving just not as noticeable I'd really say it takes about 2 years.

But I think your doing wonderfully you deserve a huge pat on the back.

sending hugs


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Hi Everyone

Thank you so much for all your kind words. Sorry to have been a while getting on here - been to hospital!! It's a medical week this week. My dad's been having long term problems with his throat/voice so has been for a tube up his nose, like you do! Anyway, all is ok. Apparently it's caused by acid indigestion so treatment is now sorted for that and we're back home.

We've just booked flights for Dubai, 11 days in the middle of June, just the two of us so that's something to look forward to.

I'm glad I've made the decision I have, but couldn't have done it any other way, so I have relief mingled with dreaded anticipation and deja vu. Well, less of the deja vu as I can't remember anything about the last one!

Party round my bed in about 4 months time? North Staffs - all invited!

Lots of love and thanks to you all again

Sarah xx :wink:

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Hi Sarah,

You might regret saying...

Party round my bed in about 4 months time? North Staffs - all invited!

when you see a coach load of us SAH'ers turning up! :lol:

Like you say, your decision is based on the lesser of the two evils, I know that I personally would have made the same choice, rather than having the mental torment and worry. I can understand your anguish about having the op.

Good news about your Dad, so glad that he's okay...

big hug to you....

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Hi Sarah-No shunt required is good news..and the fact that they know there is a second aneuryism there is good because it is controllable!

The odds of 1 in 4 make it a must have op and I am sure you have definitely done the right thing!

Have a good holiday in Dubai.

North Staffs in September..will have to remember that!

Best wishes

Andy P


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