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Hi, newbie from Cardiff.


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Hi, I'm James (or Jimmy) from Cardiff, I'm 42 , think I'm still 23, live with my amazing Mrs, Claire, and we're about to have our first child any.....minute......now!

Had my SAH on 9th Feb 2013 and I guess like all of us on this forum, it was a bolt out of the blue! I didn't consider myself as a person likely to have a stroke, I was relatively fit, don't drink that much, don't smoke etc etc. So when it did happen.....BOOM! My world was shaken to it's core!

I'd been for a. jog in the morning, first in a while but nothing too strenuous, had a

little breakfast and then off to an ante natal class with Claire, where things were about to get interesting!

First a touch of an occular migraine kicked in, vision disrupted that kind of thing, then whilst taking part in a group discussion on the various stages of labour, a whooshing sound in my head started.... and the sensation of falling. I excused my self from the room and fell to my knees in the corridor outside...thinking "this is odd". Luckily Claire found me and walked me home during which I thought I was having a heart attack - I felt awful.

At home I went to bed, told Claire to "stop fussing" as it was only a migraine........

Claire heard my moans from downstairs and found me in a bit of a mess....one ambulance later I was in hospital having various tests. I recall nothing of this period nothing for several days in fact. However, when I did come round I was duly informed I'd had a SAH and would need a coil fitted. Great.

However I cannot complain. On the neurology ward in the UHW I saw people with bigger battles than me on their hands and saw how they made incredible progress. The Nurses were unbelievable. The level of care they showed....it's brought tears to my eyes just thinking of it. They were amazing. ****** amazing. The Doctors weren't too shabby either!!

I think I've got off lightly..... fatigue, double vision, numbness in my left hand, but things are improving. Slowly.

Thanks to this site I've learned that "slowly" is a common word during the healing progress!

Oh, and drink plenty of water!

I've managed my expectations accordingly.

Bit of a long post but finally, this site has been a great source of information and also reassurance, so thank you to all who have taken the time to post on here - you've really helped a panicky dad to be to calm down and get his head around where he is!!

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Hi Jimmy, a warm welcome. Sounds like you've been well looked after. I'm very glad.

I imagine Cardiff was abuzz yesterday with the rugby result so well done for keeping it calm.

Exciting news about the baby, one thing I can guarantee is that there will be tears when the little one arrives,Surviving your SAH will make that event extra special. Send my regards to your missus, I hope she has weathered the stress of all this ok at what is quite a stressful time anyhow. Keep getting plenty of rest, both of you.

It's worth asking for some help for her ( both of you) when baby is here. You will want to do all of it but may find that losing that much sleep is not a good recovery option. Do you have parents or siblings that could help out the odd night just to take the pressure off. Admitting and planning for that now might be a good thing. I had my mum stay one night a week with my first child ( and that was pre SAH) so my hubbie could sleep for work and it was a gift.

The strange sensations and tingling are wierd, and may get a little worse before they get better, then again they may just disappear. Everyone has similar yet different reactions. I found sleeping with my pillow slightly raised helped me at night, I still do. Slowness youve picked up already, lots of rest and water. Sunglasses and earplugs can also be good friends.

Glad you found BTG. Ask away. I was at the same place as you a Year ago . ;-)And everyone will try and help and reassure

Let us know when your baby makes an appearance. ( I'll cry , i always do at newborns now!)

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Hi Jimmy,

Glad all seems sort of well, Congrats in advance on baby.

Good luck you and the Mrs.

Keep spirits up and good luck for the future all 3 of you .

Welcome to BTG, it is good to know we re not the only ones. so chin up Jimmy

Be well and my answer to all is Sing and Smile xx

Take care, All of you

WinB143 xx xx

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Welcome James,

I am glad you are doign well, and are drinking your water! You sound positive and really it will be so exciting when the baby arrives. Continue well with your improvement and attitude it will take you far. Please keep us update with your good news AND if you feel blue. BTG is a great place to come to let it out when you are frustrated.

Kind Regards, Mary

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We’ve ‘chatted’ on another thread, so welcome again!

So your wife is 38 weeks pregnant! What an exciting time. My little boy was born in August and so he is 7 months old now. He is my first, same for my partner. (Talking of whom, he is still poorly from all the celebrating yesterday!)

Daff makes an excellent point regarding family support. I don’t know what your family dynamic is, but if there is help on offer, have a think about putting something in place now in readiness.

Parenting a newborn is very tiring and the healthiest of parents will complain about it. You will have the added pressure of recovering from a SAH too. This doesn’t make your situation impossible; but it does make it different, but no less special!

I have lots of help from my parents and my partner’s parents. My SAH was in 2009. I suffer with fatigue and I have help every day.

You are very early in your recovery and you seem to be doing great. I wasn’t as good as you at the stage you are at. I was in the Heath for 5 weeks and when I went home, I was like a limp lettuce for months. Irrespective of how well you are doing however, your brain has a lot of healing to do. Rest is an important aspect of your recovery and you will need to continue with it when the baby arrives. (This is where help comes in handy!)

If you and your wife would like to contact either myself or my partner, you are very welcome. Although our experiences are not identical, (although no two situations are,) we have some very unique common ground which may be of some benefit to the both of you.

I hope both you and your wife are resting as much as possible. Can’t wait to hear more about the baby!!


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Hi Jimmy, welcome to BTG :biggrin:

Congratulations on the imminent arrival! Your post really struck me for two reasons:

1. I also felt the same way whilst on the 'brain ward', there were others with far bigger battles to fight. It was a really, really scary place from that point of view.

2. Men should also pay good attention at ante natal classes - when my SAH hit, I used the breathing techniques I learnt at ante natal classes to try to cope with the pain until help arrived :biggrin: My boys were 17 & 7 at the time and, if I'm being honest, labour was less intense than the pain that hit that day. Only in that, during labour you actually get a bit of breathing space between the contractions, not so much during SAH, actually not at all....

You will be a fantastic birthing partner when the moment arrives. It will also be good to hear of another happy, baby news event on here. We were all so excited about Lin-Lins baby news when it happened & how great to get advice from a recent new parent on tips that will help if you can implement them before the big day.

Good luck & best wishes to you & Claire!


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Hi Jimmy and a warm welcome to BTG.

Sounds like you are doing reasonably well after such a traumatic event. Glad you picked up on the word 'slowly' - not the easiest to follow, but well worth it!

Having experienced 3 labours and 1 sah, I'm now having a well earned rest!

Wishing you both all the best for your new arrival:-D


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