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Acquired hydrocephalus post SAH

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As a complication from the SAH I developed hydrocephalus at the time and I now have a VP shunt which I know some others here do too.

Shine is a charity that support sufferers of this condition and they are trying to organise a series of sessions to inform and educate about the effects of the condition and share tips etc. It will likely be held in the london area.

If anyone else is interested in attending then pm me before middle of march and I can send you details. I'm going to try and go if possible and will share any findings that help this group.

I want to know does every VP shunt act like a barometer! :lol:

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Daff, if you manage to attend it would be very interesting for you to give us feedback.

My shunt doesn't act like a barometer, not as I have noticed.

When it is cold the metal seems to burn through my head, the same happens when it gets hot in the sun. I always wear a hat in both conditions. It doesn't help that my hair is extremely short and offers no protection.

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