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Melody - new member. looking for support.


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Hi there.

My name is Melody, im 21 and my dad has had a SAH. it happened on April 1st (not a very amusing April fools). He was fine, in bed and collapsed. my mum found him semi conscious and phoned an ambulance. he was airlifted to a different hospital for specialised treatment and had the coiling procedure the next day. he is currently in intensive care in an induced coma. he has to have had a second surgery to remove a blood clot as well. We have no idea what kind of recovery he might have or when he will wake up.

Im not sure what to expect or what im looking for from this site but i think i just need to reassurance that im not alone. i have spent every day in the hospital with him so far staying with friends nearby. Day 15 now and he is still asleep. i miss him!

Its been nice to see all the posts from people so positive and uplifting. i hope my dad can get through it as well :)

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Hi melody. You're not alone. :wink:

the waiting will be hard but make sure you are looking after yourself. Dad would want, no need you to.

Induced coma is the norm for many of us post SAH and there is no definitive answer about how long they keep you there but it can't be rushed and it's the best way to start the healing. I was kept under for three days before they roused me, others have been under much longer.

It sounds like your dad got prompt attention, that really helps in my experience.

my best wishes to you and the family and I'll include little prayer for your Dad when I say mine tonite.

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Hi there.

Im not sure what to expect or what im looking for from this site but i think i just need to reassurance that im not alone. :)

Hi Melody, I had my SAH on 30/12/12. I have a daughter who is just a little older than you and she too found it very difficult that one minute I was in excellent health and the next thing I was in hospital with a serious brain condition. The worry, the travel to hospital every day, and the anxiety about what the future has to hold are very draining and take more out of the relatives than they do out of the patient I think. I can't say what might happen with your dad, but I am so much better now, starting to get back to work etc and my daughter has got her life back together. Its not easy, but hang on in there. One of the things that I valued the most when I was feeling very bad was my daughter sitting and holding my hand. I am sure your dad will say the same.

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Hi Melody,

I was in a coma firstly induced then on my own ie ventriculitus set in.

I am here to talk about it. Does Dad like songs as my family sang to me and I joined in they said.

None of the bad stuff I remember.

You talk and sing to Dad it will help him.

Good luck and get some rest also.

Best Wishes to you All

WinB143 xx

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Hi melody,

So glad you found this place. It's a big help.

I am in the same situation as you. My Dad had his SAH on the 28th March & is still on ICU. Although he is now off sedation, it is becoming clear that it is going to be a long road.

It's a rollercoaster of emotions. Personally I feel so tired, both physically and mentally, trying to be strong for both my mum and dad. My husband is a tower of strength bless him.

I hope you have lots of love and support around you. Don't forget you can also come here.

Like people have said, you need to take time out for yourself.

If you are like me, you will go throughout all kinds of emotions & I have thought & imagined all sorts. But, this is the minds way of trying to deal with & come to terms with what has happened.

You said you are staying near your dad. Is anyone there to support you?

Stay strong.. there will be good & bad days.

If I can help ion anyway, feel free to contact me


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Hi Melody,

I'm sure you will find comfort and support from this site. In fact I thought what a lovely response that was from Tulip24 who is in a similar situation (Hi tulip - sorry I missed your introduction).

It is always hard for sons and daughters seeing a loved one going through this. I know my own children were pretty shook up when I had mine although I was never in a coma and came out of it pretty much unscathed.

You are obviously both caring people who your Dads would be proud of. Recovery can be a slow, bumpy road, but hang on in there and hopefully, before long, you will see some improvements.

Take care,


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Thank you everyone for your lovely replies- i don't have great internet access as I am away from home but its nice to know there are people out there who can empathise.

The hospital my Dad is in is 3 hours away from where we live, and I am down here with my mum. We have been down here since my Dad had his SAH. So its great we have each other. Various family members come down every now and again and my boyfriend comes down when he can. So we are very lucky to have such a great support network around us.

My Dad is now back in high dependency and off all sedation so although it has been a long three weeks for us, its just the state for him! He has done so well to survive this, and as the doctors have said he must be a fighter. Just like all the other people on here, whether you have had an SAH or have a loved one who has. we are all fighters together :) xx

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Hi MelodyRose. I'm so glad you found this site - so many wonderful people here, and information available.

We're alll here to help support one another as we deal with our recoveries (yours as well)!

My daughter was 23 when I had my SAH 3 years ago. She stayed at the hospital 24/7, as she was afraid to leave for fear something would happen while she was gone. It was agony for her and she still has anxiety over what happened.

You're a strong young woman and it's great to know you've got support with your mother and boyfriend and other relatives.

It really is soooo important to take care of yourself during this time, as it has been such a scary event for all of you. Not knowing exactly what the future holds can also wreak havoc with you emotionally and physically.

Hang in there, sweetie, and know that we're all here thinking of you and your Dad and family.

Come here often. Ask any questions, we'll help you with whatever we can.

Please keep us posted, as you're able.

Sending healing thoughts and positive energy to you and your family,


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Hi melody, warm welcome to the site so glad you found us.

NO your not alone there's others here going though what you are, & people like me that survived against the odds

Try and find time for yourself tho because you need chil-out time.

take care.

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