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Guest Thistle

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Guest Thistle

New to posting on the site but have been looking in as a guest for some time (especially when feeling vulnerable). :)

Had my SAH in June last year (female aged 46). No previous symptoms, found 1 ruptured aneurysm (which now has 7 coils) and 1 unruptured aneurysm (which now has 3 coils). My experience sounds very like Sami's and I have also been very lucky in that I appear to have been left with very little after effects.

I have found this site to be wonderful as when I am feeling low it is so helpful to find that I'm not alone! Had a check angiogram in October last year and not due to go back for another check till December this year and have been told that all is well and I can now forget about it and get on with the rest of my life, but sometimes feel a bit isolated and ocassionally still frightened that something can go wrong. It's reassuring to find that other people on this site feel the same way as I do and I get a lot of comfort from that. Keep up the excellent work

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Guest Thistle

Thank you all for your welcome.

I was wondering if anyone else felt that they were doing great then had set backs? I can go for a month or so almost feeling great then I get strange headaches, or stiff neck or dizziness or whatever and worry that something is happening again, then it all goes away after a week or so and I feel fine again, until the next time.

I think I also read that someone on the site said they had small burst blood vessels in their fingers before their bleed. I did and wondered if it was a warning sign but my doctor didn't think so, but I'm not so sure.

Sorry for all the questions but feel that now I have signed up there are so many things I want to ask other members.

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That might have been me with the burst blood vessels and I think that there's another SAH'er on the board that has experienced the same. I started to get this, many years before the SAH.....probably after I started getting migraines with aura, after my first pregnancy.

Yes, recovery is up and down....I shall be 2 year post SAH in July, but recovery has been slow for me and it's only now that I'm seeing some decent changes. I suffer from dizziness, but also think that it's linked with my sleeping pattern and it's worse when my period is due etc.

I often wonder whether there is a link with problems with blood vessels and migraine......I've been told "no", but I'm not convinced.

Ask away.....there's always somebody here that can help you... :)

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Guest Firefly

:D It is nice to meet you!! I am glad you found the site!!! I am Tricia, 2 years post rupture June 29th of 05! I just turned 47, I have a stent and coils next to my left optical artery. I am still in recovery from the rupture, it sounds like you are doing very well for what you have been through hun! It is normal to go through different feelings over time! :?

I know it is has been a part of my life for 2 years and wonder if the fear will ever go away myself. :? I am just so glad I am still here, I take it day by day. I was told by my Dr. that it could take up to 2 years for the brain to absorb the blood. I would imagine set backs will be the norm for while still? When I do too much I pay for it bad the next few days! :oops: I have been pretty much homebound for the last 2 years. I have only gone out and done things about a dozen times, accept Dr's apt's.???

I miss my old life and being a firefighter so much!!! :( But, I am greatful to be a survivor and content now with my new life! I am very lucky in love, family and friendship!! Who could ask for more?? I still have my sence of humor!! :lol:

Having others like us to talk to has help me so much over the the last 2 years!!!! :wink: I hope we can help you, please come let us know when you need support these guys are great! I have only been on this site a short time, but everyone is so nice and funny!! :lol: I am trying to get to learn everyone and their stories but, I have such bad short term memory, I can never remember what I just read or keep people & their "Annie's " together???? :oops: I can remember things from 20-30 years ago?? Like the words to a song I haven't heard that long and I can now spell again outload very well, hubby always asking me how to spell things. But, I can't remember today or things over the last 2 years? :P I write a lot of poetry, helps with my emotons, typing skills, hand eye coord., spelling... Good stimulaton for the brain!! :cool: I still have trouble with my speech, coordination, perception... I can be quite comical to watch actually!! :lol: Bernie and I laugh at the things I say or do all the time!! I have improved greatly over the last 6 months!!

I go to a good family Practitioner who handles "vascular patients", like strokes, heart, us... Mine has been wonderful and has brought me a long way with med. therapy. Non narcotic med's... He has help me more than the specialist!!

Anyway, you prob. know more about me than you wanted to know. :oops: I am glad you found the site!! Hope you enjoy meeting everyone, the are very comforting!! It is nice to meet you and I will be adding you to my prayers!! Take care and come visit!! Tricia :cool:

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Guest Cathy

Hi Thistle,

You will have problems and members here are fantastic. Like Tricia and others I can't remember who said what and when but they don't mind. It is nice to have a natter not only about SAH but about anything. The advice I can give you is listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel tired then stop and rest don't worry about others but take care of your self. It is not being selfish but surviving' It is a hard lesson but I feel until you do, it makes it harder to accept. Life will have changed for you and I expect you feel not for the better BUT there are good times ahead.

Just read about head pains l get them and the pain is really awful and you can't think where they have come from. I was told it is because the nerve endings are trying to find the right connections and misfiring. Thats about it for now too tired to think.

Take care and remember we are always here.

Love and a hug :)


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Hey Thistle

I've been on here since September and this place has been a life line to me. I'm still getting headaches and the answers to some of my questions before I've even asked them on this site - for instance the nerve endings misfiring - makes sense really.

Don't worry about the memory thing - it'll improve with time. I feel really good now when I remember something from the day before but also dejected when I forget something I was sure I'd remember. Its a game of swings and round-abouts for a while but then things do improve.

The best thing about this site, apart from the help and support we give each other, is that we'll all be friends for life no matter what our receovery rate.

Take it easy and listen to your body - no one else can tell you how you should feel or are feeling. Look after number one hun.

Sami xxx

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Guest goldie

Hi Thistle, welcome to the site..I'm new here also...and everyone has been so nice...it's a great place to get advice...I had a rupture in June 2004 and had coils, then in 05' more coils..all in the same annie...I just got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago and they now put a stent and even more coils in the same annie...

I was really lucky I didn't have any complications with the previous coils...no headaches, just a touch of blurry vision sometimes...

Now I'm having slight headaches at night...but, it is still really close to my surgery date...so I hope they will go away...I hope you find all the answers you are looking for here...take good care and welcome again to the site....Cindy

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