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Amazing aneurism coiling video

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I've just watched this amazing video of aneurism coiling. It lasts about an hour and you will need Realplayer to view it. It is definately well worth watching as it shows the entire procedure from start to finish. The actual procedure gets underway after about 15 minutes of very informative chat.

Follow the link below and select "view webcast".




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I don't know if I dare watch this yet. I've had a couple of bad days and the thought of actually seeing what they've done to me scares me a bit. Maybe I'll come back and watch it another time.

Thanks for putting the link on though Keith, my husband might like to watch it.

Catch you later

Sami xxx

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Sami, I haven't watched it yet either....I watched a little of the preview...but I'm still waiting for a quiet house. Lauren is off sick from school again....another nasty bug with high temp. This is her 2nd bug in two weeks......I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get anything...feel like throwing all the windows and doors open and blasting in the fresh air!


It sounds as though you've had a bad weekend? My weekends always tend to be worse than the week days... I'm not sure whether it's the fact that you try to stay on top during the week and by Saturday, you've had enough and you go into meltdown.....goodness knows. I had another very tired day yesterday......very crotchety as well....couldn't sleep again last night and very shaky this morning. It didn't help having a couple of phone calls at about 3.30am, saying that the alarm had gone off at the premises where Eric works......I hate the phone ringing during the night, you always tend to think the worse.


I had some bad news about my Mum on Friday. She's in her 70's now, but she's been diagnosed with colon cancer. She's waiting to back to hospital for more tests to see if it's anywhere else. Not quite sure how I feel about it...I sometimes think that the SAH has stripped me bare of my emotions....it's almost like my brain doesn't want to deal with any more than it has to, it's weird.


I've just had a phone call from the hospital for my physio....October 30th...which is good news.....can't wait to say goodbye to this dizzy head, it gets me down.

Anyway, hope that you're having a better day and keep your chin up..

Lots of Love, Karen x :)

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Hi Karen

Sorry to hear about your mum. Emotionally I seem to have more than I can cope with rather than being stripped bare. I never used to be a weepy person and since the SAH its all I seem to do. Had a a busy and boozy weekend which hasn't really helped - that and the fact that one of my closest and oldest friends has left Nottingham to live in Penzance - and whilst that means guaranteed summer hols its saddened me that she's gone - we shared a house with another close friend when we were in our early 20s.

I just don't seem to be able to muster up any energy to fight the sadness and to be honest I'm completley tired of having to fight it. Had a bad nights sleep last night too so that didn't help.

Going for a little lay down and cry now so catch you soon

Lots of love

Sami xxx

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Hi Karen

Thanks for the hug. It just hit me this weekend thats all. Paul is starting to find it a struggle coping with my emotions and feels that he could benefit from speaking to someone and Siobhan was in tears last night thinking about what would have happened if the SAH would have happened and I was on my own, so we don't know if she would benefit from talking to someone too.


We're trying to take comfort in the fact that my Doc told us that I hadn't excited the Neuro's very much with my bleed and that for them to leave me for 12 hours without operating then the bleed couldn't have been that bad anyway. Its just the thought of what if it happens again and of having the anuerysm recoiled at some stage that is getting me down - I feel like I'm always going to be reminded that I've had this and never be able to be the person that I was before again. I feel guilty for putting my family and friends through all this even though I know its not my fault.


Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I have the energy to carryon fighting.

Take care and again thanks for the hug

Lots of love

Sami xxx

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Hi Sami,

You can have a hug from me anytime you like! ... your family situation sounds the same as mine was a while back. Lauren didn't like being left on her own with me, especially if I was feeling a bit rough! To a degree she still doesn't, but she's coming to terms with it, bit by bit.


I suppose it's a matter of reassuring them, that if you were on your own and if it happened again, that you would recognise the signs and you would call for an ambulance. I know that she still worries about me, especially when Eric is working away from home. To a degree, I now "put on a face" and tell her that I can cope with it and it's fine. I suppose that they can also read if your feeling insecure with the situation....but it does start to come right eventually....it does take time and I don't think that there are any quick fixes. Just keep talking to her, reassure her, let the tears flow .... Lauren and myself had loads of tears together.....she didn't stop talking about what had happened or the "what if's" for months and months afterwards....eventually the tears stopped along with the "what if's".

Like you, I've also gone through the guilt ..... but in time that will also start to dissappear too ..... our family didn't feel normal for quite a while ... it was definetly all very abnormal and I could probably feel that more than anybody else.


As for it happening again....yep, well I've definetly had that one on my mind....but after my spell in hospital in August and having to go through those feelings once again, along with my family....I think that I'm finally able to lose that thought a little......I decided that I couldn't keep thinking like it or I would eventually drive myself nuts and life wouldn't be worth living for. Again, I think that it's a matter of time and your emotions are still very raw at the shock of it all ..... you are doing so well Sami, so stay with what you're doing and things will gradually get better for you and the family as a whole.


You take care,

Love and hugs,

Karen x :)

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Morning Karen

Today I feel slightly better than yesterday. Took some of your advice from ages ago and bought an "L" shaped pillow. I had a lovely nights sleep - only woke up a couple of times.


Siobhan seemed better yesterday, she had a little chat with her school teacher and I think that helped her. I've told her that we can cry together whenever she wants to and on Sunday we had a little weep together.


I keep telling myself that I'm fine and there's nothing wrong with me because effectively I am and there isn't. I've been (here's that word again!) lucky :roll: enough to walk away with no physical affects and the emotional side I think is just down to shock. I think once I've seen my specialist and had some questions answered I'll probably feel a hell of a lot better about everything. My friends are telling me that my biggest fault is still with me and I haven't changed that much - impatience!! And when I stop being impatient I'll realise that it was only 7 weeks ago and I have to give myself more time to come to terms with what has happened and get to grips with my emotions. And as I know you are right I know that they are too.


Many many many thanks for your support, understanding and of course the hugs - sending a huge one back at you!!

lots of love

Sami xxx

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Morning to you, Sami,

Glad that you had a better night ...... I still love my pillow....I can't sleep very well at all without it.

I'm sure that things will gradually get easier for Siobhan....she's obviously got a great teacher! Like I said, Lauren and I cried together for months...I think that we eventually both managed to cry ourselves dry, until we got fed up with it!! If Siobhan ever wanted to post on the site, Lauren said that she would reply to her.


It's hard to believe that you're only 7 weeks down the line ...... you sound more like 7 months into your recovery .... I thought that I was hard on myself!! You will get to a point of acceptance ..... however long that takes, for me it was at the 12 month stage, which probably sounds a long time. I think my first milestone was 3 months, then six and finally 12 months. Once I got to six months, the time seemed to speed up and the days passed as they used to before my SAH.....but getting to the 3 month stage seemed to take an eternity.


Anyway, must get up and dressed.....been foostering around since about 8am doing the admin for the site and just looked up at the clock!!

Love and hugs :D

Karen x

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Hello there

Mind if I join your conversation:


1. I am 6 years down the line & doubt if I could watch that coiling video, however I dare say my husband would like to see it, he’s been very interested in it all since this happened to me.

2. Funny my weekdays tend to be worse than my weekends maybe its because I’m in the house on my own during the week & week ends my husbands here, but I do know what you both mean


The biggest hurdle for me wanting to get back to normal being very impatient it just couldn’t come fast enough for me, but it all took time.

Sorry to hear about your Mum, Karen I know what you mean about feeling your emotions have been stripped bare, a year into my SAH my Dad was diagnosed with Leukaemia my situation was different to yours though & I knew that I could have just stuck my head in the sand & hoped that it would go away but I had to face it & from somewhere I found the strength to do it, I know that makes me sound so in control actually you couldn't be further from the truth, so long as these things don't make you too stressed (which I know they do) you have to limit that I think for me it was a tough one. :( 


Ask your consultant the next time you âre at the hospital or the GP if you may need your coiling re-done they told me mines there for life now but I was worried just like you so I spoke to the GP who put my mind as ease.

Well rattled enough thats what my Brain Haemorrhage has done for me before I had it I was quiet & very shy in those things I can honestly say in many ways it was the best thing that happened to me.

Take care


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Hya you foosterer you!!! :lol:

Tell Lauren thank you very much and let Siobhan know - is Lauren a member herself or should Siobhan post as normal through mine or send a private message?

I know its only seven weeks but it does feel like seven months. I wonder if I'll ever wake up again without it being my first thought! I keep i n mind that the more good days I have then that means the less bad days and that that in turn should make the bad days easier to deal with - sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I just want to experience that feeling of excitement and euphoria again rather than the anxiety and worry - once I have those feelings again even just once then I'll know that I'm on my way to total recovery. A question I need to ask my Doc is am i OK to go all the rides at Alton Towers? Can't wait for a bit fo good weather so I can get Paul to take me out on the motorbike again!!!

Oh well - no rest for the wicked - work interferes with my social life too much!!!! :lol:

Catch you all later

Love Sami xxx

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Hi Sami and Louise,


Yes, I'm still foostering....is there such a word? Just hope that nobody knocks my door......I still have sticky up hair and panda eyes and it's nearly lunchtime......I will just have to hide if they do! :lol:


Thanks for your kind words Louise, about my Mum. I think sometimes that I now have a tendency for self preservation .... or my brain is thinking that way ..... I worry a lot less than I used to .... everything can be dealt with tomorrow, that's my motto since that SAH!

I will be definetly asking the Consultant a few more things about my coiling when I go back. I'm sort of resigned to the fact now, that it's not a perfect situation and I may need it re-done...will just have to see how I get on with the MRA next year.


Sami - Lauren is a member.....there's a couple of photos of her on the site...Siobhan can use your login or she can create her own, it's up to you..if she wants to send Lauren a Priv.message that's fine or she can post on the discussion board...whatever's comfortable for her.


I know what you mean re: excitement.....what's that?.....forgotten the feeling now you come to mention it! Alton Towers eh! not quite sure whether my dizzy head could take it....feel as though I'm on a free ride most of the time! I'm sure that you will be fine to do it though.

My friend Dee, her Hubbies got a Harley ..... they belong to a bikers club .. they go on meets all over the place ... she has a great time and it's a bit of a release from looking after Sam ..... she's become a bit of a biker chick I think!


Anyway must go ..... at least I'm dressed now.......Louise, just re-did your story....but the site admin won't allow me to double space or much else...it also has a tendency to put some articles in italic and it won't let me alter it..... has a ****** mind of its own :evil: .... I'm restricted to one font, italic, bold, no other font size available....will have a word with my son to see if I can import any other options...as I agree with you re: eyesight problems and small type face.

See you both later,


Love and hugs......going for a bacon sarnie....

Karen x :D

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Hi Karen

Enjoy that sarnie - remember - need energy!!! :lol:

I'll ask Siobhan what she'd rather do, but she may not post at all - she can be a very closed book at times. I have posted a pic of her with Dani the Duck when it had just hatched (she's hand rared them both).


I don't care whether foostering is a word - its now officially a Karenism is if its not in the dictionary!!

I've noticed that I don't worry so much either - dunno if its a subconscious thing or whether I've just realised that not all things can be helped.

I've been told that at some point I may need to be recoiled but mine seems to be quite a small bleed and apparently even if the coils settle so long as they are still inplace where the bleed was then they don't need doing.


I've always been a biker chick (tattoos, leathers the lot) and I miss not going out on the bike in the Winter and I miss it even more at the moment with having to wait for the DVLA to let me know if they agree with my Doctor.


We came to work in my car today though just to give her a run out. She's not been used since the middle of August and she started first time so that was a bonus. Am apprehensive about driving again but just want to get as much back to normal as possible.


Hey Louise, my husband said he's want to watch it too - but I'm still a bit unsure - those things are in my head!!!

I suppose when I get to a point where I can consider myself lucky I'll try to reassess whether I think that my SAH was a good thing. In so much as its made me look at life differently and pack up smoking after 20 years then yes its been a good thing but my cigarettes were my crutch for when I was down, upset, anxious or angry etc and now I don't have them. its almost like I'm angry for having the decision to stop smoking made for me. I don't think I'll ever be able to say that in any way though it was the best think to happen to me - but hey never say never.


Catch you ladies later

Lots of love Sami xxx

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Just finished my sarnie....now on the biscuits.....will probably be onto the chocolate next......going through a "Ripple" phase. :lol:

Lauren has just got up..she's still feeling ill and has a face as long as a fiddle.....so have vacated the room and using my Son's computer in his bedroom....it's luxury to have a big screen, where I can read it without squinting. No problem if Siobhan doesn't want to make contact, but the offer's always there if she did. I will upload her photo in a minute, will be great to see her with her duck......bless.


I think that my anni was about 6mm...certainly wasn't gigantic..think a lot of my damage was caused by not getting into hospital fast enough...but I suppose that after having 2 bleeds now, I would like to have the knowledge that the coils are up to doing the job.

I know that Dee wears the leathers.....I've yet to see a photo of her in them..so you've just reminded me to ask her. She also has a few small tattoos, she reckons they're quite addictive......they did a procession for a biker wedding the other weekend......apparently the bride was in white leathers....mini skirt etc.....she said that she looked great....until the heavens opened on them all! But yeah, she loves it too!


I thought that the DVLA said that you were okay to drive? It was weird getting back into the driving seat again....but it doesn't take long for it all to click into place.

The worst part was when I had to get rid of my car and downsize to something smaller. When I was working and could afford it I was driving a new Renault Scenic ..... it was lovely....you didn't have a key, there was an electronic tag that you would slip into the ignition, hold down the clutch and press a button where it would automatically start.......it didn't have a manual lever handbrake......it had a button that you pushed with an automatic handbrake. Then being poor again :lol:


I had to swap it for a Renault Clio .... with key, handbrake and no refinements at all ... it was like learning to drive all over again, my brain took ages to get used to pulling up a handbrake, using a key....I still don't know what half the buttons do now.......think that I suddenly leapt into my geriatric years when I got in that car. I still don't like the car, I associate it with one of the worst periods of my life and it reminds me of what I lost (not in a material way!)....sounds stupid I know... :roll:


When I had my book interview with Alison......one of the questions was "did I feel lucky to have experienced the SAH" ...... apparently, many people do find the experience spiritual .....my answer was "no"... I feel lucky to be alive, but I don't feel lucky to have had a SAH. Alison seemed to think that I will discover this feeling ...... But I've always quite liked who I am anyway, I consider myself an OK person and having the SAH hasn't made me any better a person than I was before......but I've yet to discover this spiritual moment that people talk about.......may be I'm in denial of something or require some therapy!!!

Anyway going for some chocolate..... :D

See you later,

Love K x

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Hi again

Sami: my husband watched a programme on ch4 every week for 5 weeks about people that were getting ops on their brains for one thing or another me I couldnt watch it, brought everything so close to home for me however when they showed the angiogram being done I was able to watch that & he was able to see what goes on so in some ways thats good.


When I started going out with Ronnie (now my husband) he was a biker, hes actually talking about getting a bike again, if we move house where he works there are no parking spaces for cars there are for bikes!!


Karen: you must be needing the sugar kick I still get days like that when only sweet things will do & I dont argue with it.

Cant put any input into driving thing never have done, though for me sitting in the passenger seat never bothered me before but now I think Wow that bus is too close or never going to make it through that space (&- we do ) never been like that before so maybe as well I didn’t drive before anyway my reactions are too, too slow now for that.


Gotta go meeting hubby at his work.


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Louise - I still can't drive too far ...... I'm okay if I could drive on a continual Roman road ... nice and straight ....... but too many bends, roundabouts sends my head all over the place, so my journeys are short and sweet!

Perhaps like yourself, I should just go and catch the bus ....... the trouble is, living out in the sticks, you kind of get "tired of living" just waiting for one to turn up!

Anyway, going to go and do some work now ....... I'm feeling far too relaxed today...... :lol:

Love Karen x

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Spiritual? I keep having dreams about my dead grandparents and in the dreams they're talking to me but i don't consider that spiritual in the sense that spiritual is meant to mean!


My Dic said I was OK to drive but I still had to fill in the questionnaire for the DVLA and have been told that I have to wait for them to get back to me before I drive and also to tell my insurance company once the DVLA have decided. All this info - worse then changing my name when I got married!!!

My parents' neighbours have all asked them if they've cloned me because apparently Siobhan looks just like I did when I was her age!!

Sweet tooth here too girls. I've had a mini snickers and half a bounty today.


I think the damage to the brain can also be related to the size of the "hole" in the anuerysm. My ani was 2cm in diameter yet they left me for 12 hours before operating even though I was there in hospital. So maybe even though the ani was larger than yours Karen maybe the hole wasn't - I don't know just another question to ask the expert I suppose.


Anyway a drink and a copy of Heat are calling me now.

By the way Karen, you're friend is right - tattoos are addictive, i have four and the smallest is about 3 1/2 inches tall by about 1 1/2 inches wide!!

Anyway catch you later ladies

Love Sami xxxx

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Hi Sami,

Who's Dic! :lol: Must be all those nuts in that Snickers bar! :lol:


Yep, you're so right about form filling re: DVLA ..... they took 3 months to make their decision with me.....anybody reading this that's just had a SAH, contact the DVLA asap, as they're slow.....have you ever tried for Incapacity Benefit? I bet that one will get a few raised pulses from anybody else reading this who has ..... It took them 3 months and one tree (paperwork!) to come to the conclusion that I wasn't entitled to anything... I wasn't particularly "all there" at the time of filling in their mountain of paperwork etc ..... but talk about red tape....****** ridiculous. :mad:


I still get weird dreams as well ...... but haven't experienced anything "spiritual"!

Yes, Siobhan is definetly a mini Sami!

I haven't got a clue as to the diameter of my ani .... not good at maths anyway! But when I go next time, I shall ask .... I just caught a sneaky look at my notes and saw "6mm"!


I quite like reading Reveal......I buy it for Lauren really!!

Going to make Sweet and Sour Chicken for dinner and will catch up with you tomorrow....take care and sweet dreams!

Love Karen x :D

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Mmmm Dic?? Freudian slip me thinks!!! The DVLAdid warn me that with anything nuerological I could be off the road for anything between 6 and 12 months but I wouldn't need a refresher course of lessons to start driving again :o don't know what wold be more dangerous!!!

Didn't try for incapacity as we run our own business I was paid anyway and know from experience of claiming unemployment when I had Siobhan that I wouldn't be entitled to anything cos Paul was working.


Have got Reveal too!!! :P I read that after heat. I won a phone in Reveal a couple of months back for writing the star letter of the week regarding Charlotte Church. Maybe you've read something I had published and now we chat regularly!!! :D

Dinner sounds nice - I'll be there in a bit :lol:


We've got to pick my elder step daughter up tonight and her son Jacob. he's four months old and really cute. I'm a Granny (by marriage!!) at 35!!!

Anyway am off myself now so I'll catch you tomorrow - enjoy dinner and make sure you have a good nights sleep.

Lots of love Sami xxxx

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Hi there

I read about people quoting diameter depths, sizes of their annis like you Karen I don’t have a clue what mines was I had no idea that there were sizes.

I know what you mean about Incapacity Benefit I do get that but I’m not entitled to anything else because Ronnie works (wait for it) more than 24hours in one week!!!!

The first form had 43 pages which Ronnie had to fill in I wasn’t able at the time forms still aren’t my thing now, I find it really hard when I think what I did before all this.

Well must go too

Take care


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Hi Louise and "Granny" Sami,

Sami - You're way too young to be a Granny.....perhaps you could go in for one of those glamorous Granny comps! :cool: I haven't had any babies around me for ages ..... I would love a little cuddle!

What did you write about Charlotte Church? I can't remember reading about it.....but then again my memory is pretty bad.....so I may have! Okay so, now I'm speaking to a famous Granny!! :lol:


Just picked my car up from the garage...it had it's first MOT today...even though I was pretty sure that it should pass as it's only 3 yrs old, it's still a relief not to have another bill! Eric is away....he's off to Poland for a couple of days working. The house is nice and peaceful now and the dog is snoring next to me...perhaps I should get a nose clip for him...he's worse than Eric! Mind you, they say dogs resemble their owners....

Dinner was good......but I'm going through a "can't be bothered to cook" stage at the minute .... I tried to watch "Ready, Steady Cook" on the tv as I was cooking, looking for some inspiration......but nothing happened to put a spring in my step........at least it was edible though! :lol:


Louise - I also never knew that the anni's were measured ... it was only when I read other peoples postings on some other web sites that I found it out. I can't remember anybody telling me how large or small mine was ... I just caught a glimpse of 6mm ... so I'm presuming that's what it was referring to.

Well done for getting the Incapacity Benefit ...... It makes me wonder if they try to wear people down, so that they don't claim .... Like you, I really hate form filling now ... when I first came out of hospital I couldn't cope with anything like that ... Eric had to do it all, as I couldn't even hold a telephone conversation with people and could barely write my name. When I look back at stuff like that, I have certainly made slow, but sure progress!


There's no way that I could cope with the job that I was doing before the SAH ....... it was bad enough when my brain was in gear ..... now there's a few cogs missing, I would hate to think what a mess I would make! :lol:

I might sit down with a glass of wine and watch the coiling video later. I sort of do and don't want to see it .....will let you know in the morning if I have and whether I might/might not need therapy after the viewing.


Anyway, going now ...... sweet dreams to you both!

Love K x

PS: Anybody fancy starting a new topic tomorrow, as this one is starting to get a bit long?

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