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Memory/Recognition Issues

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Hi Everyone, I'm about 18 months post annie. Memory seems to be my biggest cognitive issue. I have some short term memory loss, but the strangest thing is how I often don't remember or recognize familiar objects. It started last winter went I went skiing and took the wrong skis. I had bought new skis the year before, but passed them up in the garage because they didn't look familiar to me. Turns out the bindings were different and they wouldn't fit my boots. I finally figured out what I had done when a fellow skier pointed out the bindings didn't match the boots. Since then, things like

this happen frequently. It seems to happen mostly with personal objects - like watches, shoes, clothing, etc and building or houses. I'll ask my spouse, "was that house always there?" In fact, it seems to be happening more often lately. I'm hoping that doesn't mean something is wrong.

I also notice that when I'm under stress or duress, my memory gets very sketchy. We recently lost our beloved chihuahua. My husband said I kept asking the vet the same question every minute or so. I couldn't remember asking her or if I did, I couldn't remember what she said. The few weeks after this, i had quite a few episodes with not recognizing things. Does anyone else experience this? Thanks, Lisa

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Yup me two and mostly with buildings more are less only buildings and still happens 6 months later.

Will say to who ever is with me "that building was never there becore" yet will know the one next to it.

Just another one of the strange traits of this illness lol

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I am worse with my memory when tired for sure but even during the day at work if I weigh a cat I have to literally write down the weight right after I take it off scale or I will forget it. It is really bad with numbers and letters for me, dialing phones (Augh!). Short term memory is worse by far.

I get that house thing too, can't say I repeat myself more than maybe 3 times? Maybe 5? I cannot believe I hold down a job. I can recall crazy things like vaccination records, protocols etc..But I swear I do not recall clients that were there last week or swear that dog use to be black and not black and white. Clients will talk to me as we were best friends telling me a story I should be familiar with and I am totally blank. I have no idea who they are. Yet medically I am on the ball at work and it is a good routine for me and always has been.

I do forget a lot. I also will think I need white pants and I literally have 8 pairs of them but no white shorts.

Like I said I am much worse when tired. I was telling someone earlier I think I use all my brain power at work and have nothing left for home or motivation. I would have totally done the same things with the skis.

I have wondered if it is that we are getting better but our memory or brain can only hold so much information at this time. It seems that way to me. Like I can do more and be high functioning in certain areas but the village idiot in the grocery store.

Still you should bring it up to your doctor next time you see one. I have thought the same thing. My husband told me last night “I know I have told you this before but I am going remind you again I am going to be out of town on such and such date next week." I was like nope first time I have heard this information.

Once again it is like the brain is healing but not in all the areas at the same time weirdo kind of thing. I use to have seconds of complete blank of "Where am I?" at least those are gone. Like I do not recognize the area in which I am driving or at.

Funny I seem to start having this about the same time too but like I said it was like a block of brain healed but the part that connected to that block hasnt gotten there yet OR are we just doing too much. I compare myself to an eldery person by afternoon I get forgetful and very tired. Even if not sleeping I must just lay down and watch a marthon of NCIS.

Good luck, Mary

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In the very early days, nothing was familiar. My flat looked really weird, doors were in the wrong places or there were glass doors that I was sure used to be wood. Nothing looked, smelled or tasted as I remembered it. This wore off eventually but I think this was more due to creating new memories of objects and tastes rather than the symptom itself fading.

I'm 2 years in and although I don't have issues with recognition anymore, I do have perception issues. I can look at something, and not see what everyone else sees. This can be a picture or scenery or even a street outside. It's very hard to describe so I'll try an example: I was watching a programme one day and the scene in the background was a series of pillars. I couldn't understand what the relevance was. I asked my partner and he explained that there were no pillars, it was a row of flag-bunting because they were discussing the Queen's jubilee. I couldn't see the flags, what I could see was the gaps between.

This is happening less and less as time goes on but will be more prominent after a tiring day at work. Like Mary says, all the brain power seems to be used up at work!

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We will get there eventually, I try so hard to act as I was before SAH but it isn't to be (Thank goodness) lol

I had a good memory but I say to my hubby "I asked you this yesterday didn't I? "

Hubby replies "Yes and the day before" so I just laugh.

One good thing I had to remind my hubby I needed pills got, he said "Good job you remembered Win." I told him

I will keep repeating myself as his memory is as bad as mine.

You will get there Lisac xx


WinB143 xx xx

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For me there were several issues. Recognition and then also scanning. So I used to make up this game where my husband would hide something like a stuffed hippo and then I'd have to find it. It was so hard at first because i really couldn't get a picture of it in my mind to then look for it even though I could recognize it when I found it.

So what I am suggesting is that you narrow down what is really not working for you and make a game out of it that you can do every day. It helped me. I still have trouble finding things on a shelf that I am looking for if it is not in plain view, but not nearly as much. It used to take 1/2 hour to just get my lunch plate ready to eat. Now, it is normal.

Good luck!


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