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Hi guys, Im Brent,


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I had my SAH around 4 weeks ago, I had just hopped out of bed , I felt an intense pain in my head, I turned to get back into bed and collapsed on the floor unconscious, An ambulance turned up and they were quick to identify the prob And I was taken to Auckland hospital where it was coiled . I spent the next week and a half in the neurological high dependency ward, then 5 days in a general ward, My first few days at home were hell, My condition has improved over the last few days, But am feeling a little post trauma stress , which I guess will pass with time, My eyesight has taken a bit of a hit, I have double vision, and ongoing head aches, and feeling very fatigued ,,

Cheers Brent

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Hi Brent. I should probably say good evening if you're over in Oz !Welcome to this unique little survivors club.

The fact is you are going to feel very odd and strange for a while so my best advice is to be kind to yourself and try not to rush it, four weeks is very early days in your recovery. It will get better.

Try to take every day as it comes, drink lots of water, stay out the direct sun and rest. Setting little goals are a good plan but you are so early I would just allow your body to get over the massive shock before doing that.

Many people report their eyesight does improve over time so try not to worry, it's also best to get your eyes tested at some point but your docs should advise. I didn't drive for 13 months due to another surgery meaning my license was revoked for that time but to be honest I dont think I could have as every time I got tired I got blurred vision.

Read some of the older threads on here, they are good, it is also worth getting any family members to read a few, like the letter from your brain one, it helps them to understand what we maybe find it hard to explain.

Take care now.

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Hi Brent

Welcome to BTG

You will get stronger but it is a long haul, be kind to yourself and try not to stress out too much.

For one, do not take on others problems and relax and get well.( ie look after you !!)

Bossy aren't I (don't answer that)

Good luck

WinB143 Waves to Miss Daffs xx

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oooh daffodil - don't say he's from oz - new zealanders are proud kiwi's and hate being lumped in with australia :biggrin:

welcome to the board, you couldn't wish to 'meet' a better bunch of people than the posters on here, they are a mine of wonderful knowledge on all things brain related (as they know from personal experience, unlike the doctors.....)


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Hi Brent, warm welcome to the site glad you found us.

It takes a long time to shrug the odd feelings rest a lot, drink plenty liquids, listen when your body says stop.

We've not had that many kiwi's on here, you'll get lots of sound advice here...

take care

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Thanks guys I appreciate the support,, I live 13 acre property, and have had to deal with a couple of stock issues since returning home, ewe caught in fence and such like.. which I found to be a little scary,, I sorted it with the help of my wife and daughter, but was still concerned that I may have overexerted myself..

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