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Hi Kate,

I had a non aneurysmal SAH in April and it shook me to my very core. I was told I would have 100% recovery but it would take time. 12-18 months. Everyone is different and some folks are ready for anything after 3 months. All depends on you and the bleed.

I was so worried about reoccurrence and still do at times when not feeling well. My dr was wonderful and told me this would probably never happen again. That is what I work with and press forward.

How are you feeling? I hope you well and progressing.


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Hi Kate

This site is a really useful place to find help and advice. Since my SAH back in January I've found it's the only place people really understand your worries and fears, so never feel silly or shy to ask something. Chances are someone would have felt the same during their recovery too.

Rest up, drink lots of water and most of all, be kind to yourself. It's a very traumatic thing we've all been through, so give yourself plenty of time to recover.

Sarahk x

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Hi Kate :) a very warm welcome to BTG !

Glad you found us :) You will find lots of helpful information here and lots of support and friendship.

Please feel free to join in our daily banter in the Green Room....we are a friendly bunch.

Take care xx

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