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Hi my name's Pete, I'm 57. I had a ruptured aneurysm in May 2007 that was treated within 24 hours with coil embolisation. I was very fortunate in not suffering a stroke, as I believe many people do, following a brain haemorrhage.

However, I do get tired very easily and don't have anything like the stamina I had before my haemorrhage. Also find it very difficult to deal with stress and become very irritable when I'm tired. Some of my friends have suggested that I might have ME, but I think my symptoms are down to long-term effects of SAH. Anyone else experiencing similar symptoms?

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Hi Pete, a very warm welcome to you :)

All the symptoms you have mentioned can be very common long term effects after an SAH, but please get checked out by your GP.

Many of us here have to learn to pace ourselves and know the warning signs of when to rest.

On a good day, it is so easy to go mad and over do things and pay for it maybe for the next two days....very frustrating !

You will find lots of helpful info and experiences on the forum.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hi Pete. I find I just don't deal with emotion peaks and troughs in the same way I used to but am learning to realise that that's just my new way of dealing with the situation. So it's no worse or better it's just the way I process stuff now. I read Richard Hammonds book recently and it rang a chord when he talks about the damage to the part of you ' where you live' that's hard isn't it seeing the changes in yourself that no one else can really see.

I think Emotional ups and downs are tiring for anyone at anytime but maybe we were just more practised at disguising the effects prior to SAH. Get checked out for anything significant though , it's easy to blame the SAH for all weird stuff but you could have a virus or a vitamin deficiency .

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Hi Pete,

As others have said "when in doubt let doc check it out". (poet here)

Will put your mind at rest and we must never stress ourselves ( my surgeon told me this).

I never had a stroke but assumed it was like a stroke ?

I have problem walking but one day !! 60 yards today marathon in a year lol

Keep well

WinB143 xx

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Hi Tina thanks for the welcome. I have been checked out by my GP on several occasions regarding my symptoms. None of the tests I've had have shown up anything to date. That's why I am thinking that the symptoms I am experiencing are due to long-term effects of SAH. It was helpful to read your reply and others on the site. Sounds very much like none of us escape unscathed. Take care. Pete.

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