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Sentinel Symptoms

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I've been volunteering at an inpatient rehab and visit people who have had neurological issues. One thing I have noticed is that many people who have had strokes or bleeds talk about sentinel symptoms or even a feeling of impending doom. I had these, did anyone else have them upon looking back?


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It's interesting that you bring up the feeling of impending doom. I found that after my SAH (and to an extent even after 4 years), I had the constant worry that something bad was going to happen. This was usually to do with family members, particularly my teenage sons, but I worried about "bad" in all sorts of other areas too. Finances, the house, work. I was a bit of a worrier before the SAH, but generally had a positive attitude. After the SAH, things definitely changed. I would be interested to see if others have experienced this too.

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yes, I know exactly what you are talking about. It's a feeling that comes from nowhere and hits you in the pit of your stomach. All of a sudden I would get these heavy feelings of impending doom and fear. I normally had a panic attack directly after. In the very early days I had horrible feelings of death and worrying about my daughter and the need to stay alive and the fear I would not.

It still happens occasionally.


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Hi Kris and all xx

Before SAH I was getting things in order, not very good though.

I had a spring clean and phoned up undertakers (morbid Win) but I've written this before.

I wanted to know if I could have my funeral in the church I got married in.

Weird isn't it.

WinB143 xx

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Yes, I knew something was definitely wrong with me. I was feeling fatigue for months before the SAH. I said to people that I was exhausted and couldn't figure out why. Even vacation time and quiet weekends were not helping to refill my energy tank.

I began going to the doctor a few weeks before SAH and explained I was not feeling right. We did blood tests and an ECG and even a skin biopsy on my leg thinking maybe I had cancer. Nothing was found. My doctor apologized and said she couldn't explain why I felt exhaustion and general malaise. 2 weeks later I had the SAH.

A long time afterward, doctor and I realized I was likely having sentinal bleeds. During those months before I would wake up with a weird headache at the top of my head. It would go away seconds after waking. I'd never felt that kind of headache before but I didn't think anything of it because it went away so quickly. Until the big event when it was much worse of course. I've wondered if I had told the doc about those headaches if it would have helped.

Sandi K.

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