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Hello Folks

Just to update you, I spoke about Neuro P a few months ago, I was quite distressed at the time, I was hung up on the fact that I may have brain damage. In one of the postings someone wrote "Like you I get confused about proper names and spellings I'm just not the sharpest knife in the box now" I really feel like this and have big hang ups, I am also very self conscious in social situations incase I am making a fool of myself.

I find this very emotionally draining wondering how I'm being percieved!

Neuro P was lovely girl very reassuring, I was also having a bad day. Tests started I had numerous lists and items to remember, identify patterns, identify musical tones. They had asked Donald to attend. I was a bit sensitive at the start (do they not believe what I'll tell them) Then I could reason that this was a positive. It was the best thing that I ever could have done, Neuro P was able to pick up that I thought I had done poorly. She says I had done well, my memory was average, by the way I was talking she was expecting it to be severly deficient. (Memory Pre Sah was verging on photographic... well maybe not that good) The Tests were ok but I was tired, we came out and Donald said they were awful he had real problems and is now starting to worry about himself :lol: The Tone test which it took me a while to understand what she wanted, Donald got a couple of them wrong. So all in all my confidence has had a real boost. I will get the full report in a couple of days but her prelimary assessment is that functions are fine but I do have difficulty processiong information. As you know my Mum was over and we were out and about and I would ask her opinions on my behaviour she is very honest. She says that she notices I have really lost my confidence but otherwise I do really read into things especially things that I would have done anyway, and advises to stop over thinking and start living again.

I really need to learn to stop waffling!! All in all Neuro Tests were fascinating and reassuring and now give me a measuring point to see where I go next. I will have a few more appointments as she feels work can be done to improve my processing.

Phew thats all for now.

Aine xox

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Hi Aine,

Very wise words from your Mum. I really feel that you need to look at the 2 year anniversary stage to get a good feel of how you've improved .... especially with the memory. I'm now just past that point and I can now look back and see how much I've improved ... your Mum is right and we all need to learn to start living again .... we should also be very proud of what we've achieved ..... it's not an easy road to travel, but the healing process does happen.

I'm so pleased to hear how well you've done ..... I don't think that any of us were made aware just after the SAH, how long the healing process would take ...... I will so look forward to hearing your achievements in 2008, as I'm sure that you'll see a remarkable difference in your progress. Loss of confidence seems quite common post SAH, I certainly lack it, but it's something that I'm hoping will gradually come back to me.

Well done Aine, you sound much more positive than you did a few months ago ..... :D Proud of you! :D xxxxx

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Hey Aine

I agree with everything Karen has said. You certainly seem more upbeat and positive. Somehting like this is bound to knock the confidence out of you. We've all looked death in the face and told him to sling his hook basically so it will knock you for six in so many ways.

Keep that chin up hun and look forward to more improvements and recovery in 2008.

You're a star.

Sami xxx

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I can remember how wound up you were at the thought of having to see the neuro psyc but as we all said at the time it can be a positive. I still see my very own personal CNP (Clinical Neuro Psyc) sometimes when I drop in at Headway or around town and she always makes me smile :)


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Isn't it funny the impressions we give off ourselves, I generally am the upbeat bunny in my group of pals. Aberdeen folk can be extremely dour, I'm quite warm and friendly but have realized this is the place were i do vent things.

I definetly wasn't prepared for how recovery would feel, after meeting you guys I'm alot more reassured. Still angered that the hospital seem to want to ignore the original misdiagnosis but I am getting there. Phew

Even would go as far to say that I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Thanks for all your support and kind words

Aine xox

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Aine - Just before my US trip did the neuropsychologist and like you was a bit wound up about it although curious as to the outcome. The expereince was v. similar to your own and like you, I eventually found what he had to say enormously reassuring. My memory is still pants, but apparently the ability to learn is intact which is important. Thank for for my Mac's electronic post-it notes, otherwise life would be more chaotic than it is...


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Hi Aine

Just had a quick read at your input, when I used to go to the rehab outpatients they would give me test & puzzels to do & Ronnie wold say he had trouble in doing them which always surprised me before the SAH I wasnt the sharpest tack in the box ok yeh I was slow, but after the SAH I felt really self caunsious & very aware that I was worse, I have leardned to live with it, it gets me down a lot, but I have just had to do as best I can that's all anyone can do.

Hope I havent rambled on too much or missunderstood the conversation I find the laptop a bit hard going looking forward to at some point being back on the PC & keeping up with the conversations

Take care


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