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Bad reaction to Flu shots?

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Has anyone else gotten a flu shot and had a crazy reaction since SAH?  


I had such a severe reaction last year that my doctor is trying an experiment on me this year.  I'm to take 5 Tamiflu tabs, then get the flu shot without preservatives, and then 5 more days of Tamiflu.  She has no idea if it will work or not and has no idea why I am so sensitive since SAH (I had many flu-shots before).  I just got my shot today and am hopeful.  It cost me big bucks, but I'm required to get it done to visit stroke patients at the rehab which I do weekly.  I'll let you guys know how it goes, but does anyone have any other stories like mine?  One of my AVM friends here gets anaphylactic shock over everything that's not 100% organic/natural so...  


Thanks guys,




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Kris, I have been ok too. My doc said I had to have one after SAH no questions and this is my third year and 'touch wood' no adverse affects but I know my auntie who has one every year had a Horrid reaction to hers last year so maybe it's something in the mix they use , doesn't it change every year?

Hope you are ok. Well done on the stroke support work, how is that going for you. Not emotionally draining?

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I am so nervous about putting anything in my body after this SAH. I talked with my doctor about this. Last year before the hemorrhage I got the flue shot and I got the worst flue in May for 6 weeks. Obviously the strain that wasnt in the shot...Geez


My doctor told me last week this. If I didnt work at a job that required me to have it or a job that I was in public contact dont take it. Plus I am healthy ( normally) not too old ( 62) can take a week off with a cold etc. dont bother. I am not in a high risk even with the SAH. They believe I got the SAH from quitting my high blood pressure pills....duh! stupid me. So I have decided not to get it.


I take good vitamins, VD, antioxidant, multi and I did get a cold a few weeks ago. Took lots of fresh ginger, lots of warm lemon water, rest, extra VC and 5 days it was gone.


So I am not getting it  as I dont want any side effects and my SAH only happened on July 15.

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Strange this year, but overall good.


I did the 5 days tamiflu, flu shot, 5 days tamiflu thing and mostly it turned out fine.  I did have a scratchy throat the evening of the shot, and it did induce the start of my menses (10 days early for some odd reason), but I'll take that over what happened to me last year which was rapid cycling through all the strains from the shot lasting 3 days!  


Other than that incident, I have yet to be sick at all since SAH over 3 years ago.  I attribute this to yoga and meditation.  My husband was sick 6 times last winter and I never had a sniffle.  (Knock on my wooden dresser as I write this.)


Stay healthy this winter season.


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