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Hello everyone,

It is so good to find a place where people can understand what you are going through. I had a subarachnoid hemorage on October 28, 2014. Was in the hospital for 10 days and had no complications. It has been a slow recovery with some headaches. Some bad enough that I end up in the ER or doctors office.


Have had a headache since yesterday so went to the drs today and they think its stress. They did say I could have a ct scan but I have had so many and I refused.


Tylenol helps but I have been on it for three months. The week before thanksgiving my arm swelled and I found out I had blood clots from wrist to the neck so I am on blood thinners (warafine) which makes me nervous about another bleed. I am learning as I go about what to do, like drink lots of water, and learning my limits which is hard.


Some days I feel like I am in a fog and can't focus On anything. Very worried about returning to work next month as I have a stressful job. I also have small fiber neuropathy and Sjogren's. I look forward to learning more on how to deal with this. Thank you.

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Hi kathi and welcome to BTG. It's good you had no complications but having headaches and unexplainable pain and dealing with effects post bleed is a personal journey each of us has known. In time your confidence will creep back as you begin to trust your body again and your head has had time to recover. Rest when you can, watch your pains, it may sound odd but just beginning to see that they are not escalating can help the worry sometimes and drink water, lots of it.

Returning to work is challenging, I don't think many are going to tell you any different but go slowly when you go back and don't try to be the same and do it like you did before , just be gentle with yourself and ask others to do the same. if it's stressful try and make sure there is lots of extra breaks as stress is not something my brain deals with so well these days.there is a good thread in here that shares a lot of good advice for that step post SAH and definately worth reading, in small chunks though as it's a long one!

Take care

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Hi Kathi,


Ditto all what Daffs put.

I also had an SAH our family go through it bless them. 


I say this to everyone so you are no exception  "No Stress whatsoever" I was told so telling you the same xx


I came on here thinking I've had a bleed omg guess life is over. Saw all the BTG survivors, and they seemed okay !! 


Singing happy songs and smiling helps, not now but as you get better.   Well start singing now xx


Smile xx

WinB143 Be Well xx

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Hi Kathy,

Welcome to BTG.


Recovery is a slow process and your body will tell you when you've done too much!  Keep drinking water throughout the day.  If you must return to work so early, can you ask for a phased return to allow you time to build up.  Going straight back into the thick of things will almost certainly be too much for you and may set you back.


Confidence may suffer and the perception others have of you will also be a discussion point.  Remember that when you go back, the others will see you as before - "Oh she's been off but she's alright now - she looks the same, talks the same so there's nothing wrong with her."


I had a high pressure job and that's exactly what happened to me so communication with everyone is very important.  You have been through a lot - don't underestimate its effect on your mind and body.  A lot of us have had this experience and it isn't easy.  Go easy on yourself and keep talking to us!


Take care, if you think stress was a contributory factor, then why put your self straight back in there?


Talk with your managers about re-structuring or part time work.  You owe it to yourself and those you love and who love you!


Good luck and please keep us posted!



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Thank you so much for all your responses it is very helpful. Work has been supportive (I am on a 12 week FMLA) it is me that puts the pressure on myself and have been at my place of employment for 30 years. We just had some lay offs for the first time ever and so far 9 people have lost their job. One person was my co-worker who worked with me. They have restructured and I will be doing both jobs when I return but with some extra help. I need to work as I carry the benefits as my husband is self-employed.

Headache is better today I am staying on the Tylenol and gave in to the doctors orders of gabapentin before bed (for the neuropathy) and had my first good night sleep last night. I don't like taking medicine but have to do what I need to do to feel better. I have a very supportive family so that helps tremendously.

These headaches, when I get then, are so different than other headaches my head feels like it has a lot of pressure in it and my neck hurts. I feel like I am walking around in a cloud like my perception is different.

Do others feel that and what helps it other than Advil and ice packs?

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You better tell the Rolling stones to "hey hey you get off my cloud,"  (My bad joke)


No seriously if you are worried see Doc and put your mind at ease xx


Best to keep it on record about headaches.


You'll be okay but your brain has been through it.  There is "a letter from your brain" about what it has been through.


You drinking a lot of water? it helps the brain.


Be well


WinB143 xx

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Not a bad joke it made me laugh. I saw doctor Friday morning and they always give a choice of ct scan I said no as I have had so many in the last two months. Tylenol helps but it wears off in 5 hours. Doc said if the Tylenol helps it's probably not a bleed.

I love that letter I am going to print it out and read it every day so I know I need to take it easy. I think that is my problem I try and do too much when I feel good. I have been drinking so much water. When I was in the hospital they couldn't believe how much water I drank.

Thank you for your help have a good night. You be well too.

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Welcome Kathy, and thanks for sharing your experience.


I am on paracetomol regularly plus the occassional dose of Tramadol when I feel its about to get more painful.  Want to avoid using the Tramadol too much as I have read its an addictive one.


Hope you keep getting better.

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