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My SAH experience

diane rhedey

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Hello to all.My name is Diane I'm 61 years of age a bushwalker, cyclist and keen bowler I was very active (and will be again) until my SAH March 2007. It all started when I carried several bags of shopping up my flight of stairs 45 in total to my unit which is on the 3rd and top floor of our building I have to admit I should have made two trips out of this lot but being in a hurry to get back out I did it in one, as I arrived at my door I had this pain in my head like no other I'd ever experienced and knew something wasn’t right I literally crawled into my kitchen, put down the bags and found my cell phone, called my husband (George) who works in Sydney 1hr 30min away Luckily he answered on the first ring I asked him to call an ambulance saying something bad was happening and that’s the last thing I remember for over a week so he has had to fill me in on the details that followed. Apparently they came and took me to our local hospital ( Gosford) where the doctors immediately had a ct scan taken of my head and found I’d suffered a SAH by this time George had been home and discovered I had gone and straight away went to the hospital where they were preparing to put me in a helicopter and fly me to a special Neurological Unit in Sydney (Dalcross Private) To the team there I owe a great depth of gratitude, they were marvellous. Anyhow once there I was taken into surgery and a drain placed in my head to relieve the pressure, at one point George tells me he counted 14 different tubes drains etc. man that must have been scary. It was several days later though before I awoke and recognised my daughter who had arrived from New Zealand, I do know one thing the pain was terrible I’ll never forget it.

I remained in Intensive Care for 3 weeks then as things started to settle down I was taken into surgery again this time to have a shunt inserted into my scull for permanent drainage, this went well and I was transferred out of ICU and into the ward until my gall bladder played up and set me off causing another bleed, so back into ICU but thankfully the shunt coped and my stay there was only a few days. The care and attention I received from my family and hospital staff I will never forget and the fact that I’m here telling you all this is a miracle and I’m so grateful.

My overall stay in hospital was 12 weeks 2 of which was rehabilitation getting these chicken legs to work again; I am one of the lucky ones indeed.

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Hi Diane and welcome

Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you've had a tough time. As you say, you're one of the very lucky ones and it's great to have sites like this where we can all share our experiences. Look forward to hearing more from you.



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Thank you all, Andy you are so right I am a survivor I was also diagnosed with breast cancer 18months ago and I've come through that very well I believe its because I have a wonderful family lovely friends and of course my beautiful little dog (Shana) shitzu x maltese I knew I had to get better for her she was really missing me, you should have seen the welcome home I received from her, so lucky I was sitting down.

My heart goes out to you all and your families. Stay well and keep smiling.

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Hello Diane,

can't believe this, i've just posted on the SAH discussion board before I read your full story, you certainly are a survivor with a great positive attitude. Will look forward to hearing more from you and with all the others here I say a very big welcome!!

Love Suexx

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