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neuropsychologic testing

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I am curious how many members (patients) had a)]neuropsychologic testing before being discharged from the hospital, after your brain bleed? If you didn't have the test before discharge- did you have one at a later time? If so when and why?

]The reason I am asking is because I didn't have testing before discharge. I didn't have the test until 9 months after my bleed. The only reason I had the test was because after being back to work for 5 months I called my neurosurgeon and was telling him that I was having a very hard time "adjusting". I told him how I couldn't remember, would get lost driving, crying all the time at work (from stress), and that I felt like something was wrong.

The test was extensive! I can't remember what was on the test- other than it was hard/stressful. The results totally surprised me, I scored poorly in every. The result was that I am not capable of working and should be on full disability. However, SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) has denied me twice!! We have appealed it and will continue to fight.

I wonder what others experienced. Thanks for your input.

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Yes - I think it helped them decide whether to let me home.  I can't remember content either, but I had another test after about 12 months.


I could think more clearly than I could speak but I must have done ok because they let me out.  It did worry me at the time but I just looked on it as something I needed to do convince them I was improving.



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I had the testing and was also mad me mad when my scores came back.  However, they were the truth at the time.  I would recommend getting disability because you can just have it temporarily until you can preform better.  Recovery takes a long, long time and just because you test poorly at first, doesn't mean you will always test poorly.  Just for now.  We've all paid into the social security system and this is what it is there for.  Some are permanently on it.  Some aren't.  When I had my testing, I knew that I'd score badly because of the way I was feeling and not thinking clearly.  I am thinking much clearer now.



After going through the test, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone before 2 years after SAH unless you need to really know what your capabilities are for working purposes.  Then you have to take it at face value if it comes up that you do have deficits that will impact your particular job.  Then you can take a leave for awhile until you heal.  This is why you take it...to know.  If you don't want to know, don't take it.  That's what I would say to anyone thinking about it.



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