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Annie update and new Blog

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Hi to all on BTG, it's been a while since my last post so I just wanted to say that Annie is now home. She was away from the family home for 13 months. Annie has come on leaps and bounds since that dreadful day in January 2014. She still gets confused and disorientated at times but its so nice to wake up by her side, even if the profile bed she has sounds like there is a blue whale in the same room. BTG was a great support during those traumatic days and you helped me through the start of the journey.


I am now Annies full time carer which is great as were joined at the hip before her SAH. I have also started a blog which I hope will strike a chord with sufferer's and carers alike. Please feel free to visit and leave your replies. I hope that other newly fledged carers will take a peek as it explains a families journey to establish a NEW NORMAL as we call it.


I would like to say thank you again to the people who recognised the turmoil I was going through during the first 6 months following Annies SAH, without you the journey may never have started.
Chris x

I have messaged BTG Admin who have agreed to let me put my link on the BTG Forums. The link ishttp://www.chrisomalley.co.uk/

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As usual your comments are fresh and empowering to both Annie and I. I hope the blog will help and in a way give a true insight into our journey. The blog has been updated today. I hope to be able to update daily basis. Big hugs to you all.

Chris x

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