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New Member - Emmersong - MRA after MRI


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Hi all,


I suffered an SAH in Sept 2014, along with Tersen's syndrome. I have subsequently been diagnosed with chronic hydrocephalus and have had numerous lumbar punctures. Due for a shunt fitting next month, but been called for an MRA scan tomorrow as MRI last month suggested further investigation needed.


Really worried that there's another aneurysm- has anyone experienced similar?

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Hi Emmersong :)

A very warm welcome to BTG.


I have not had a shunt fitted but others here have and will be able to share their experiences with you.


Wishing you well for your MRA scan today....I am sure they are just double checking everything ready for your shunt op which is a good thing. 


Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Take care

Tina xx

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Hi Emmers,


I had a shunt put in in 2010, before that I was in my own little dream world. I never knew what was what!!


I told the nurse I was scared and she said "I'll make sure you are well and I'll be here when you wake up.


True to her word she was and how did I repay her, I sang to her.


You'll be okay xx I was only in for 2 days as my cognitive was good and when I ask hubby about it He says,  "and you haven't stopped talking since" xx lol


Be Well

Winb143  xx

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Hi Emma. Hold fast. What a roller coaster for you but I have been on the same ride and it does start being calmer, promise.

I have lost count of the Cat, MRA, MRIs I have now had. Sometimes being called in for a MRI just means they want the clearest image possible of the ventricles before shunt surgery and it is the optimum scan to use so it may be nothing more than that.

I have another small aneurism which they watch and my coiling also has a neck because of where my bleed was so my MRAs are now yearly but try if you can just to treat it as part of your Care management and not speculate too much on whether there is anything additional to worry about as worry is no good at all. Hard to do in practice we know. Try singing in the scanner to yourself, Win would approve of that.

I had a shunt fitted four months after my SAH after similar to what you are facing yourself so I can imagine how wretched you must feel at times as the after effects of those LPs are hard work indeed. The shunt will make a difference I hope to you as it did to me , feel free to PM me if you want to ask me specifics.

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Hi there warm welcome glad you found us.


Another one here that has a shunt fitted (I also have a tube in my brain too)


Try not to worry they will want the clearest pictures possible & MRA does that.


sending you best wishes, take care

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As suspected, Radiologist couldn't say anything. Advised me to call Consultant's secretary next week.


On a different note, I was told that the severity and location of my bleed gave approximately a 10% chance of survival. I believe that I survived for a reason, to raise my children, but also to raise awareness of what we've all been through/ continue to go through once I'm in better health.


I have asked for a meeting, and been promised one, with my MP post-election. A major bug-bear is benefits. Having worked since I was 13, I was shocked when my SSP ended, appalled by the ridiculous forms I have filled in for an ESA claim, and disgusted to learn that if I had not been a home-owner, my rent would have been paid whilst on SSP!


Prior to MP meeting I'd love to ask for examples of others' financial difficulties. X

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I share your stress on the benefit system hun, they stopped my ESA last June filled in a lengthy form last March 2014 and as of this March 2015 still had no reply to it (Grr so frustrating)  


take care

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