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Recovery from SAH

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Hi all, I am new to all this, however need some advise. over 8 weeks ago my dad suffered a SAH and has been through so much in critical care from coiling and various operations to 6 weeks on high dependancy and having a shunt fitted which did improve him.
He is now in a stroke rehabilitation hospital and the realisation is starting to set in for him. he's still got an NG feeding tube in although they are introducing soft normal food options which he is refusing to eat some of the time.
They are starting pyhsio and occupational therapy with him, but yesterday he refused that. when we went to see him he said he was depressed and we can totally see that which is heart breaking. I need some advise as to what we can do to help this. he so so wants to try and walk but at the moment the physios are focusing on sitting balance.
I think as he has so much time sat in hospital this is too much thinking time between my mum my brother myself and his friends. we visit 4 hours each day which is what we are allowed but I am concerned the rest of the time he gets very little interaction any advice would help thanks.

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Hi jump. Sorry to hear about your Dad. There's a few recent threads of members who are going through similar so worth reading those as there is some good advice in those about eating and taking things slow but it's still hard on the patient,Dad, and you all.

It's easy to get fed up and down during a prolonged stay in hospital and as the realisation starts to come that life's changed forever but keep reassuring Dad that improvement will come just maybe not at the pace he wants. Think about what you can leave with him that he can use to keep himself occupied and pass the time when he is awake.

What's his cognitive attention like, is he able to read? Really simple word search books, the kids ones, so big letters and simple words can be interesting although frustrating, I did those when I came out of hospital. Don't laugh , but colouring books too, there are adult ones now.

It's a good way of just concentrating in short bursts but not too much in one go. If he can bear it could you get him a small DAB radio with ear plugs so he can block out the ward and listen to something, not everyone can bear that noise/ sensation though, we all have different effects. Try different things.

One thing that helped me was having eye covers so I could sleep during the day, I was so fed up with the brightness of the ward and a friend brought me some fetching leopard print ones. Not sure your dad would appreciate that but think about what would make life more comfortable for him.

Post SAH and with tubes/ shunt the healing is pretty painful so Dad is dealing with that too, plus no doubt plenty of medication which won't help his mood and you should check he is feels looked after and nothing is worrying him more as well as that can be a challenge once patients start to be a little less critical , they naturally move down the list but it can leave you feeling a little vulnerable especially if no one answers the call bell.

It's natural to be down but pin up pictures of his family and loved ones by his bed, bring things is to make him smile and laugh and celebrate each acheivement. If he can't get up and walk take him out off ward if they say it's ok for a push in the fresh air. A change of scenery is a good thing.

Pass him our regards. He has survived something many don't.

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Welcome to BTG Jump


So sorry to learn about your dad- say hello to all your family and encourage them to take some time read the posts on this site-


They will find much help as they find posts that relate to your dad`s situation-and the experience of others who have been there already is of great benefit.


How did you find BTG ?


My wife suffered an SAH four years ago so I do know something of the panic and trauma you as a family have felt as you`ve watched often feeling so helpless and willing your dad to improve.


You all have so much to think about at this time so I will only add a small word of help-  you may not see much difference each day- but each day is another day of healing and when you all accept that dad`s recovery in whatever form it takes- will be months and years- it will help you all come to terms this terrible shock and give him greater support as he gets better.


Stay positive and strong and look after yourselves too- you all need to able to look after him when he is discharged.



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Hi Jump


Sorry to hear about dad but pleased he is making progress dad is going through a lot, so its understanding how he feels.


You could ask if you or someone could go in to support your dad and encourage him to take part during physio and let him know. The sooner he is able, he maybe able to go home sooner, but as much as he dislikes what's going on, he has to make the effort.


The food situation is another matter which you need to speak to the speech therapist for their reasons again it. Means someone asking if someone can go in about tenish or just after.  if you don't ask you don't get.  wishing dad well.

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Hello Jump,


I was out quite a while after my SAH as I had Ventriculitis followed by Sepsis.


My family were always there they took it in shifts and until I had my shunt in I was in cuckooland.


Takes a while but my Sisters sang to me and my daughter talked with me and I remember nothing until the shunt.


So give him time and once he is home you can sort him out better, as you know what he likes and we need things we can recognise and I reckon once Dads home, he will come on leaps and bounds, I did,so be of good spirits and

take it 1 day at a time as afterwards we can be awkward lol xx  Keep Well All of You xx


Winb143 x

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