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Unrelated surgery 4 years after SAH

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Hi everyone, Three months ago, I had a laproscopic hysterectomy (leaving the ovaries). Surgery and recovery went well, except I can not seem to get my energy back to what it was before the surgery. I'm a runner and was cleared to start running 4 weeks after surgery. It has been 2 months of hitting walls while trying to exercise. Also, depression has come back with a vengeance - similar to what it was the year after my SAH and neurosurgery (4 years ago). I feel like I'm plummeting downhill fast.


My surgeon checked my iron and thyroid - both are normal. I'm wondering if anyone else has had an unrelated surgery years after their stroke and had an unusually difficult time recovering. Perhaps our damaged brains take longer to heal from the trauma of surgery, even years later?? Of course, doctors are of very little help with this issue, so I thought I'd ask all of you. Thanks.

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I wish you well but I know nothing about how the body works. 


Good luck and hope body settles down after a while and you can run again xx


Perhaps others will be able to help xx


Never say never though xxx



Win xxx

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I had a replacement knee, although it was 10 years after my SAH and only had a spinal block. I seemed to recover pretty quickly and was back in the pool doing limited exercise after 3 weeks.


I had an hysterectomy many years before my SAH and found recovery did take a long time. It is a major operation and I suspect you are expecting too much too soon. Take some steps back and start again very gently and do not push yourself. Baby steps in the first instance.


Your depression could be a result of wanting to do and finding yourself unable to achieve what you want to achieve. It may well improve as time passes and your recovery continues. Failing that, see your doctor again and he may give you something short term to help you climb out of the pit you find yourself in. There is also the option of requesting counselling as well. 

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My aunt had knee replacement and it did take her longer.  


Also, for me, anything is way heightened so my pain is bigger, my allergies are longer, I am more sensitive to everything.  I also just get depleted way sooner than everyone else.  I wonder if this has anything to do with your recovery?  Do you get worn out faster on a day to day basis now?



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Hi, I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy years before my bleed. The Dr left my overies too. I am just now getting back into running three yrs after my brain pop. I do remember taking longer than 4 weeks to feel like I could do anything strenuous. Remember, you can't see it but your insides are trying to heel and that takes time. Maybe you are pushing too quickly?

Depending on your age and even though they left your overies they could be out of whack right now. It took me six weeks to start walking again before running. Take your time. You don't want to tear anything and end up back in the hospital.


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