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Two untreated aneurysms

Guest Mohlianum

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Hi Mo,

My original Neuro C won't consider giving me another scan (until my next one in 2010) ..... he doesn't feel that the neck on the aneurysm would have grown enough over the past two years, to be giving me the problems that I'm having.. So, I'm stuck in limbo land at the minute and waiting to hear a decision from my local Neuro C. Have a feeling that it's probably more about finances then anything else and who wants to take responsibility for doing the scan....

Fun and games! .....


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Guest Mohlianum

Hi Karen

It will interesting to know his opinion, it is not an option for me to have one re. expenses as I have never felt that here. Where did you have your original surgery?

I may be walking further but I should have added I find some household chores very hard going, :lol:

x Mo

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