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Still struggling

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Each day does get better Irene and you will learn to take the rough with the smooth. I reckon I'm nearly 95% now don't think I will ever get to 100% but that's fine by me. 

Good luck with your future scans and keep popping back , this is a good place to come. 


Clare xx

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Hi Irene,

You stick in there along with Trace and never give up, also a bit of light banter helps so remember to be stress free and come on Behind The Gray when on a downer as we have all been there.


A Trouble shared is a trouble halved so even if you need to rant and get it off chest it helps, I have come on here and left laughingxx


So keep going and Welcome xx Stress is a no no lol xxxx

WinB143 xxxx


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Hi Win,

and to all of you, thank you for support. 


Like Trace I stalk and I love to see the banter amongst all of you. All the members understand each other and help one another and also join in with each other's lives.  


I shall carry on popping in and hopefully will be able to offer some support to others as you all do with us new members.


take care all of you


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Hi Irene,


Remember that resting when your body tells you to is important in your progress to getting as well as you can be.  You know your body better than anybody else.  Unfortunately, we all have some people around us that think we are ok because they can't see any physical injury but over time you get used to that.  You just need to battle on and try and ignore unhelpful comments.  It happens to us all but if you need support then come on here and tell us about it and we will do our best to help.


There are subjects on here that deal with this kind of issue, though I can't remember for the life of me what they are called.  Maybe one of the others can.


Keep your head up and be proud of the progress you have made so far.  Remember that it is their problem, not yours.  You are who you are and just because you maybe do things a little differently now is a change they'll just have to get used to!


Change happens, it's how you deal with it that counts.  They need to learn that too!


Good luck and I look forward to hearing more from you soon.



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