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copys of mri

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I too have a copy of CT, MRI and angiogram on CD. They view fine on home PC, not that I understand anything I see on them I hasten to add!!Very clear images but it is such a specialised field that even normal radiologists need to refer them to neuroradiologist for reporting so I have no chance as a lay person. Good to keep for further reference though.


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Laura, I had to pay for mine ..... think that it was £25 .... you do have to ask for a copy though as they don't seem to volunteer the info. If you don't have a SAH support nurse then perhaps you could contact your consultants secretary?....you'll need your hospital patient no......you should be able to find that on your hospital discharge papers.

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Thanks for all your help about veiwing your mri scans and thank you Karen for helping me post a reply :D .

In case any one wanted to know i got mine ordered after yet another mri (there not sure if the bit of the aneurysm left is growing again) I asked before i went in any was told it was £20 but i will have to wait 2 weeks as the doctors need to see them first. i only wanted to see the whole of the scan for my self as i only get to see aneurysm and thought it would be nice to see the whole thing for a change.



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