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Good Evening everyone ,


I have noted lately my memory is awful ! Keep leaving the cooker on and TV . Does this improve ? Sometimes too I seem to daydream and don't hear when people talk to me or there's a delay of a few seconds before I answer. Prior to my SAH I was always so organised ?But I am very glad to be here thanks to John Radcliffe Hospitals wonderful professionals . It's wonderful to see the sunshine today I felt very lucky .

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Hi Josie,

As time goes on you will notice improvements to your memory, I know we keep saying it`s still early days for you,

but it is and as time goes on things will get better.


Maybe putting post-it notes above your cooker and TV just as a little reminder to yourself with SWITCH IT OFF on them,

I used them for all sorts of things in the beginning and it did help.


I was like you in the early stages of recovery, I used to find my mind drifting off a bit like day dreaming, feeling a little disconnected

during conversations, but it does get better.


I`m nearly 3 years down the line and although I still have problems with my memory it`s nowhere near as bad as it was.

I notice it more when I`m tired or stressed, I still write notes for myself because I know sometimes my memory still lets me down.


You will get back to being organised, it just takes time and that is the thing you have got to give yourself, time.


It is lovely to see the sunshine, it does make you realise how lucky we are to still be here to enjoy those sunny days,

all thanks to those brilliant people who looked after us when we needed them most, every day is a blessing. :)



Michelle xx

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Yes as time passes it gets a little better and you'll find that what works wither its post-it notes or leave yourself a reminder on your phone I have about 4 kitchen timers I used to forget with things were in the oven or on the stove, I had to buy a toaster because it was just not the thing to have bread under the grill.



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