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Hi I'm Kim new to this site. My story begins 3 years ago Feb 8 2014. I was just sitting at home and felt like what I can describe is a snapping a straw then my vision went and then the clap came of pain. We were stationed in Germany at this time went to the local hospital then was diagnosed with meningitis transferred to another hospital Ct scan done nothing said I had a virus sent me home next all the while in the worst pain of my life no medicine help at all.


Fast forward to Feb 10 ( which happens to be my bday) for a call from the large hospital in trier saying a doc happened acrossrd my cat scan from Saturday and I was hemorrhaging ( SAH) come in immediately. Long story short after angiogram they couldn't find a reason no cause at all and I was not exercising.


Fast forward a year I fell and hit my head very hard in the back of head where my SAH was and these last two years horrible headaches everyday. I keep on keeping on because I know the alternative. So I will take the headaches and memory loss any day. I came into this world on Feb 10 and almost left same day 28 years later, I am  blessed to be here and double blessed to have found this site knowing I'm not alone :)

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Thank y'all for your kind replies. I will definitely check that article out. I think worst part for me is I fell through the cracks between the military system and the German system while this happened. I didn't have any after care and have been left alone pretty much to deal with this. As soon as we got to the states again I headed straight to the docs for scans etc. So it's been very hard trying to process these feelings on my own :/ Thank you again for replying makes me so happy to know I'm not alone 

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