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Musings ahead of yearly scan

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I'm travelling to Glasgow on Monday for my 2 year scan following my SAH (end of July 2015). I live an hours drive and an hours flight away from Glasgow on one of the Scottish islands. Last year when I went for my scan my parents met me there for a few days holiday. This time I'll be travelling alone. When I think back to my trip to the local hospital on that fateful night I was grateful my hubby had thought I should take an overnight bag....(I think it was only pjs and a toothbrush but very useful all the same!). I was discharged and and then went back in later in the day for a precautionary scan....3 hrs later I was on the medivac plane (alone) with my slightly under-resourced overnight bag which I'd luckily left in the car. 


It got me thinking...how do others who have to travel prepare for trips back to hospital? Do I take an overnight bag just in case, phone chargers, a book? Food?! Seems silly to think about it as my trip will see me leaving the house at 7am and be back home by 5.30pm. Does anyone else have a "just in case" bag? 



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Hi hun


That's a lot of travelling, but I can't imagine that you'd need an overnight bag for a scan - but if it makes you feel more secure and less stressed, then I'd take a little bag with what you need - just to put your mind at ease.

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