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feeling sick reasons

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i still fel sick alot............( thank god i havent been ) my vision is not back to mormal and i feel faint some times....feels like i'm going to black out...............

i have come off the codine recently and hoping it helps with the feelings i keep having x i was on codine for 2 1/2 months....

did others feel like this and how did you feel when you came off the codine ?????????????

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I was on codeine a bit longer than you about five months but I reduced the amount I was taking gradually. I used to feel sick a lot in the first few months but thankfully wasn't physically sick. My vision was also affected and that is probably what makes you feel sick, dizzy and faint. I also found that being on my feet for to long used to make me feel dizzy and faint.

I think you learn in time that your body is telling you it needs to rest and the only way it can do it is by giving you physical stop signs.

Hope you start to feel a bit better soon.

Janet x

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Hi Donna it is probably your vision that is causing it however pop along to your drs and get them to check your ears cause I went to the drs because I kept hearing clicking noises and feeling dizzy ear infections thats what it was yet I wasn't in any pain with my ears but I kept getting them for a while after. Jess.xxx

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Guest ElaineW

Hi Donna

My mum had a SAH May this year - came out of hospital 10 days ago and feeling or being sick has been a constant problem with her despite anti sickness tablets (even when she was in hospital it was the same then). I now have managed to get the tablet she was taking whilst in hospital - it is called Ondanestron which is used for chemo or after sugery. She has stopped being sick but still feels it. It seems a common problem but can imagine how you are feeling as I know mum feels so rotten and it's something you could do without. (have also been told by home care that ginger biscuits and ginger beer is good too) - mum said the biscuit seemed to help

Take Care



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Hi everyone

Yep, me too: ginger biscuits and a cup of tea or a glass of dry ginger ale always seems to sort me out. Other reason for feeling nauseous with me is my liver so I drink a glass of tonic water with some lemon in it.

Big hugs

Lesley xxx

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