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Perimesencephalic SAH - shooting pains in head

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Hello everyone


I had my perimesencephalic SAH in November 2016.


Sudden headache, stiff neck, vomiting (all within 10mins). Husband took me straight to A&E on that Thursday but do not remember anything after until the Saturday/Sunday (was awake (sort of) and talking rubbish but do not remember anything). Was in intensive care and HDU for 8 nights.


Have had two angiograms, Cts, and MRI (of head, neck and spine). Nothing found for the cause of the bleed.


One of the Doctors said that he had more chance of having another bleed than me as I have had all the gold tests and nothing found. I have been fully discharged and no follow ups. Back at work, driving etc.


But I am still having headaches - tightening around the head, back of the head, top of head (in fact all over my head on different days haha). The past two weeks I keep getting sharp shooting pains in my right temple. Only lasts for a few seconds each time but happening a few times a day.


I stopped taking pain killers a while ago as the headaches do not last that long to take them.


I have not been backed to my doctor in months as not sure there is anything they can do (besides give me more pain killers).


Do other people have shooting pains in the head? I suppose my brain is still healing.


Obviously I worry every time I feel something in my head!


Thank you for reading.






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Welcome. What you are experiencing is almost identical to my experience. After being discharged I experienced neck headaches followed by acute but short lived headaches in the temples. Like a brain freeze. They got better over time and I think it is just the brain healing from the damage that was done. I hope yours improve too. Be patient drink water and get lots of rest. 



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Hi there,

I had my SAH on May 1st so I'm still a newbie but my results are the same as yours.  I've had 3 angiograms and they all came back clear with no cause of my bleed.  I do still get headaches daily but I can completely identify with the random sharp head pain that last for seconds.  I get them everyday as well.  My doctor told me as long as the pain in your head is not like the first pain when you had your SAH then don't worry.  It just takes time.  That's what I was told and I try not to stress about it.  Good luck to you!  I hope this helps!  

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Hi Mrs M, that's my name at work as well! ?


Your symptoms sound very similar to many of us but to be safe you should get it checked.


Is is there a nurse specialist at the hospital you were treated who you can contact?

My last MRI as the same is yours, no reason and nothing to show so we are the lucky ones. However if doesn't stop you worrying not knowing what caused it in the first place. 

You are still early days so take things slowly, plenty of rest and water. Don't rush back to work or do too much. 

Let us know how you get on. 


Clare xx

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Mrs M, 

I too had a Perimesencephalic SAH almost 6 years ago. I think overdoing it is a big issue. Had it not been for BTG I would not of know that you must be kind to yourself in recovery, not push getting well - as in not past your daily limits, drink lots of water and stay hydrated. I cannot recall what else I learned at the moment but I would say you your body may be telling you that you have over done it. I think you certainly should always follow up with doctor too. 

I know if I over do it my head kills me. I need to stop before I get to that point. Sometimes if I am doing computer work, working with people or business stuff I need to concentrate on I may only last 1 to 3 or 4 at the most. We all are different. But I do believe you should listen to your body, take it slower and tell your doctor. 

Pain pills also give rebound headaches........how unfair is that?? I really do best with resting.  Good Luck, MaryB

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Mary, nice to see you back on BTG. 


You are so right though, I think about it now as my traffic lights , that's how a friend who also happens to be a neurologist explained it to me She said my sequencing of lights that I had spent my life being able to predict had changed and I needed to pay attention to learning my signs, did I have a green light on my energy or pain and am ok to proceed or was it going amber and I should proceed with caution. Her advice was I probably shouldn't be tempted to  'jump an orange light' and never ever run a red.


well I ran plenty of reds early in and I can't say that I don't sometimes push on past my orange now and then hit a red fast but like you I pay attention and make sure I am trying to read and listen and adapt to my signals and what my brain is telling me . But time is our friend in that isn't it? 


Mrs M an interesting fact is the brain itself apparently doesn't feel pain so it's the nerve endings in the surrounding tissue that creates it or tensions we carry in muscles etc. 

So as Win (Also sometimes known as Mrs O) will say try , 'lose the stress'  and I always add try to be be kind and patient with yourself as you heal 

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