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Hi Everyone

I haven't been on for a while and hope you are all well


I would like to ask if anyone still suffers from headaches following a SAH.


I had mine coiled 6th july 2015, I am now back working full time but I have a constant headache ftom the moment I wake up


And normally more so by the end of the day.

Some days are that bad I can't function properly, my Gp suggests that it is the legacy of my bleed and how lucky I am thats all I have


Although I do still get really emotional at times.

I have asked to speak to someone at neurological dept but while I am waiting on this appointment, I thought I would ask here first

As you guys are probably the best people to advise



Davie xx

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Hi Dave I get terrible headaches sometimes horrible xxx


I am glad you are speaking to someone in neurology however whilst you are waiting drink plenty of water and relax xxx


Hope the headaches ease soon xxx

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Hi Dave


Sorry that you're still suffering from the headaches but I can't help you I'm afraid.  Like Jess said though, glad that you are talking to someone about them.  A Neurologist would be better than a GP as they don't know much about SAH and the after affects.

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Hi Dave,


My Post SAH leaflet "Subarachnoid Haemorrhage and the Return to Daily Life" from the NHS says that "headaches are caused mainly by tiredness, tension or viral illness."  If you are back working full time you are probably more tired towards the end of the day and if you are in a stressful job then that may also contribute.   Logically, that would mean worse headaches towards the end of your working day and that is what you say is happening to you.


So, you have two of the three things mentioned and if you are concerned then you are right to seek professional medical advice since none of us are doctors, so we cannot give medical advice.  So get checked out to re-assure yourself.  Probably, you worrying about it is also adding to the mental pressure affecting you currently.


If your doctors can re-assure you then that is one less thing to worry about.  You are also only two years out and brains are notoriously slow in recovering fully, so don't beat yourself up about it, you are doing really well, but don't sit there thinking everything's all right, until a medical professional tells you so.


Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

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