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We Can Survive!

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Just a positive post on a good day.

Two years ago I had a massive SAH. I included a pic. The doctors call me a miracle. I was flown to a closer facility where they did six hours of surgery which included removing  damaged brain tissue and half of my skull because of the swelling.


 Afterwards, I remained on life-support for a week . Because of lying so still I developed blood clots in my legs.

after a few weeks in acute care I was transferred to a rehab hospital. After three weeks in the rehab hospital, the day before I was to leave for home I developed a massive pulmonary embolism him. I was back in ICU again.  After another few weeks in the hospital, 53 straight days in all, I returned home to my children, then ages 12 and 14. Six months later I had a subdural bleed due to blood thinners and was back in the hospital. After which, I developed little seizures.


I went through 18 months of physical, occupational and speech therapy. Then I went through six months of Vision Therapy.

 Although I can no longer work as an EMT, I have fallen back on my Art degree and I am doing drawings and paintings again, which is very therapeutic.

I am still working on getting back to driving, but I feel very real ready and know that it will come someday.

just thought I would post  something positive for a change. An image of my brain scan!

 There is always hope, keep the faith !





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Hello Xmartz

You don,t know what an inspiration you are to me you have overcome so many obstacles and remain so positive. Good for you I don,t even know you and I am so proud to hear your story.


My husband had a stage 4 bleed in October he has come through most problems but if you can believe remains in hospital for a stage 4 bed sore that the hospital can not seem to heal . It has been 10 months and he desperately needs to go to rehab, my husband is not walking but has plenty of leg activity ,.the hospital tells me he will not walk but don,t have anything but statistical data to say he will not walk.


I think that because this wound has become such a problem they are telling us he will not walk because rehab will not take him until wounds as healed. We have been waiting to get him into a sub acute hospital that specializes in wound vac which they are using now on him they also have rehab  but very few beds available  My heart breaks for him because I see him working out in bed and really trying to get his mobility with no help but range of motion.


Xmartz did you have any mobility problems how did you overcome, I am sorry if you have already posted this info but I just found your postings today and was so inspired.  I will look for more of your postings. I am glad you are each day getting better. It gives me hope and I turn I can pass on to my husband. best of luck to you.

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Fortunately  I had a right side bleed and did not have a whole lot of mobility issues. I just forget things and lose things all day. I also lose my words a lot or have trouble finding words then I want to use. My personality has changed a bit, I tell it more like it is rather than letting people walk over me. My Family had to get used to that. But I am extremely blessed to be able to walk and talk very well since the incident. My faith is something else that has help me through. Without my faith I'm not sure where I would be

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Make the most of good Days  Mandie xx Lovely aren't they lol xx


You have been through a lot and can come out of it  knowing we are survivors ..Well Done You xxx I still draw matchstick style lol  xxxx



I think I told you, I was told I'd never walk again but I can walk 200 yards on a good day not long but it is getting better, and tell hubby to keep his chin up and you also xx

I had an SAH4  and do not remember anything until shunt was in xx


Pleased for you Mandie   hope your days keep getting better and when they aren't sing happy songs  xxxx  my answer to all ills


Be well Both


Winb143 xxxx


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Admin note: In order to stay on topic in the medical forums this thread has been edited and artwork and replies can be found on the following thread started in the Green Room....just click your mouse on the title below. x



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