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Just a quick question

about a week ago i felt like i was going to faint if i was stud up or sat down or even lying down..

Phoned nhs for some advice and i was taken to a and e by ambulance to get checked over x x no blue lights THANK GOD X

They did every test possible even a ct scan and thank god again all is well....

I feel like things are moving around me all the time and it feel like its all in my head xxxx

I had my eyes tested theother day and they are fine...

I take 1 paracetemol and 1 co codemol about 4 times a day xxxx

any ideas or has anyone else ever felt like this xxxxxx

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It happens to me if i move too quick/ am tired and i'm 19 months on! Its been happening first thing in the morning for a week or so, think its cos i try and jump out of bed as have slept passed the alarm before getting up for work so try to rush

Don't worry to much



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