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3 weeks post SAH

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Hi everyone,

Just checking in for a  bit of a vent.  I had a really bad attack of headache so went to Emergency Department on Saturday. I think it was a combination of pain that would not go away, pressure noise/feeling in my ears/head and fear.   After a re-scan my local hospital were happy everything was ok and were in touch with the Neuro Surgeons where I was admitted when I had the bleed.  They admitted me overnight for observation and discharged me yesterday afternoon. They did say that it can take 6 months for pain to go away.


 Does any have the pressure noise? They said if the pressure or pain gets worse, go back to them.  Its hard to determine when you need to go to hospital and rule out anxiety.  I am sure they thought I was a bit of a woose.  Anyway that was my last few days. It seems to come in waves and my ears pop.  Vent over for now. Hope this finds everyone well and happy. Love from Linda and Jack (my little dog)

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A lot of us get a buzzing noise or like holding a shell up to our ear as we did when kids, do not know how else to explain it.


And the thundery weather makes it worse,  my head feels like it is extra heavy (No not a big head)


Tinnitus some get,  and I have noticed since my SAH op I do get waxy ears ..sorry if anyone was eating while reading this xx


Good luck Linda  


Win xxxx

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you are all so positive.  I suffered tinnitus before SAH but this is different for me it is more like a pressure noise.   I thought when I left hospital 3 werks ago.I would be fine but the headaches feel like they are worse this week. Hence visiting ED this weekend.  I am now understanding that this has changed my life.  Thank you all for your positive feedback. It helps so much and that No I am Not Alone. Cheers Linda and Jack

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Hey linda


I'm glad you went and got checked out, I think many of us have been back in the hospital when something feels out of kilter and I can honestly tell you that the medical teams are happy to assist and most do understand and would prefer to have you come in so don't feel you are wasting anyone's time.


I was back in not long after my shunt surgery and like you stayed overnight for observation and the next morning said to the registrar on call that I was sorry I wasted his time, his reply to me ; 


"You survived an event that many sadly do not and it has changed you and you are just beginning To learn about this, don't worry that you are wasting our time, your pain, your reactions are real and we will help you each and every time you need us." 


He was a good doctor. But the odd sounds, the feelings are so alien and unsettling, there's no other words for it and it is about beginning to recognise them , not let them run away with you and to see that maybe they are signs you need to rest or pause more. I prescribe more Sofa time with Jack xx


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Hi Linda & Jack,


Never worry about going back to hospital and getting things checked out, that's what they are there for,


I recently had an over night stay myself, I was convinced I was having another bleed, they scanned my head,

thankfully all was fine, I was under a huge amount of stress at the time due to my mother being seriously ill,

they put it down to all of that.


Since having my SAH I have been diagnosed with tinnitus, never had a problem with my ears prior to that,

the pressure feeling happens to me when the weather is very cloudy and dull days do the same,

my headaches always seem worse if it`s a dark cloudy day, I always make sure I drink plenty of water,

it really does help.


As time goes on Linda you will find things start to get a little bit easier but it does take time, there is no quick fix,

when you feel anxious come and join us here at BTG, it`s ok to come here and have a vent, lots of us do it, me especially.


We are here for you and we will do all we can to help you along what at times can be a bumpy recovery road,

As Daffodil said, it can be very unsettling, things that you are not used to feeling, it is about making sure you get lots of rest also.


Sending you a big hug,


Michelle xx 


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