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Introducing Kristi G

Kristi G.

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Since I'm definitely a newbie, I thought this would be the best place to jump in, and I'll apologize in advance if I'm wordy... I'm a writer by trade.  I'm also curious to know if others had symptoms for ten days before hospital admission, like I did.  


In the Beginning:


On August 6th, I was out delivering groceries (my fun part-time job) late at night during a terrible Texas electrical storm when I got slammed with the first horrible thunderclap headache, no pun intended, centered at the base of my neck after I bent over with a large holder full of bags.  I figured I pulled a muscle and since I was also under great stress for several reasons, I just assumed it happened to be coupled with a terrible migraine even though I haven't had one in several years.  I managed to get home safely and waited for the pounding to stop, which it did.   


I stayed off work for a couple of days although I never felt quite right and upon my return to grocery shopping, had another bad headache on another delivery.  I'd erroneously begun to believe that maybe I had sinusitis since my face and behind my eyes ached.  Unfortunately,  my primary care clinic decided not to take my insurance in June, so I (dumbly) decided I'd wait until the following week to seek treatment after returning from an out-of-town trip for my primary job as a published author--giving a writer's workshop.  


When I had yet another migraine that evening, I knew something was terribly wrong, but of course enjoyed the beach an extra day (note profile photo) before returning home.  That night, another, more intense thunderclap headache hit me and I begged my fiancee to take me to the hospital.  Imagine my shock when I learned they detected a small SAH after I had two CTs, one enhanced, and an MRA.  Imagine my surprise when I was told they didn't find an aneurysm, had no idea exactly when the bleed began, and couldn't say what caused it.  


In the Aftermath.:  


After discharge two days later, I had three more CTs during the following week due to two to three severe migraines  a day, extremely cautious ER staff and no neurologist willing to take my insurance after I left the hospital, sending me to the ER for answers out of pain and fear.


 I've also had lapses of absentmindedness and some fairly serious concentration issues, which seem to be resolving daily, a good thing since I have to work in order to pay for my really bad insurance.  

On the good news front, fortunately the headaches have pretty much subsided after that last ER visit and I've since located a neurologist 100 miles away, who was very helpful in answering most of my questions.  Follow up CT scheduled for October.


 I still have a lot more questions and a few odd aches now and then, but I'm finding this forum invaluable and a great source of support.   I'm very happy to be here, despite the circumstances.


Again, my apologies for my lack of economy of words.  I'll try to do better in the future.:wink:




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Hi Kristi and a warm welcome to BTG. 

You have come to the right place to find support, knowledge and friendship.   There are quite a few members on here who experienced a sah with no known cause.  Having a bleed on the brain is certainly an experience none of us would have wished for and whilst everyone's outcome varies, there are a lot of similarities with what we experience after the event.  You will gain insight from reading other's posts as you read the various threads on here.


My sah was caused by a ruptured aneurysm, but like you, I wasn't admitted to hospital for several days despite calling the emergency services at the outset.  The paramedic obviously didn't pick up on the severity of what had happened and although he said he could take me to hospital, he said I'd probably got better things to do on a Saturday afternoon and left me at home!!


I hope your recovery goes smoothly, but do be prepared that sometimes it feels like one step forward and two back.


Wishing you well,


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Hi Kristi, warm welcome to the site glad you found us.


no need for appologies your doing great.


Glad your finding the site helpful - we've all 'been there' 


Rest when you feel tired, listen to your body if it says sit-down sit.  keep hydrated...

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Hiya Kirsti,


This site is good for sharing a worry or just giving vent.


Glad you are well ish !! and it never ruptured.  


I agree with the others keep drinking water and when you feel sorry for yourself come on here and let off some steam.


You keep in touch and try to manage a song or laughter as I swear that is what got me through it xxxx 


Good luck and remember you are not alone.  Been there sung a song and managed a smile xxx


Win xxxx



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Hi Kristi


So sorry that you've been through hell trying to find out what has happened and why - it does sound like an NASAH (there is a dedicated section this on the forum and would be worth a look).  


Hopefully your appointment in October will yield some answers for you, although if the cause is unknown or it was a tear in the artery as opposed to a ruptured aneurysm, you may not get any satisfactory answers from the scan - please do not let this deter you from seeking answers.


I hope that this site is of some comfort and use to you x

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