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Hi chums,

Over the last few days I've been "mulling" this over my head.

I don't have other SAH support but yourselves. I have my hubby of course, but I don't want to get too deep with anything with him, as he's had cancer himself, and bless him, we are just getting on with our lives. Right, I'll stop rambling on, and get to the point!!!! :D

I've been wondering about the coil in my head, I've just the one coil that is, and one head, ha!! :lol:

No, seriously I've been thinking.....what if something happens to it??? What will happen to me?? Does anything ever happen to it??

My chums, please don't think I'm being depressive about it, because truly I'm not, but I can't understand that One Year on, and I've just thought of this!! ha!!

Okay, I've put this in type now, and it has kinda made me feel happier, crazy woman...ha!!

Hugs to all,

H xx

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Hi Holly my giggling chum :D

I think we all worry about this sort of thing...it is the unknown. With coiling i believe that you have regular checks and scans...if there was a problem i am sure it would be spotted. Try not to worry....lots of hugs to you my chum....take care, keep positive, crazy woman, love ya,Tinaxx

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Hi Holly

Have you had any scans recently? What were the results?

It's unlikely that anything will happen to the coils in your head. Sometimes the coils can compact and require further coiling, but that is quite rare and mostly within the first year. Some people here have mentioned having a "neck" on their aneurysm which is usually monitored closely. I don't even have mine monitored any more.

Coiling has been used for aneurysm repair for only about 15 years, so the long term durability of coiling is, as yet, unknown.

I can't remember if anyone here has had to have a repeat coiling on the same aneurysm.



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I know what you mean holly its all scary but what else can we do apart from live the life we have been given second chance to live...

and it scares me to think that i am 29 and plus 13 will make me 44 which is no age so cant wait for the success rate to get higher x x

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Oh! Thank you, Tina and Keith, bless you.

I think sometimes, "you kinda get things in yer head" and think.....what if? I know the reality of it all is, that we are better off than most, because we know what's going on in our heads, if you see what I mean.

Thanks, Keith, I knew that would be the thing to think of, I had an Angio in March, and they couldn't have been better pleased with me even if I'd given them all a million pounds, so I know I haven't worries on that score. Thanks hun :D

And, my chummy, Tina, you are always right with your empathy, and wisdom, bless you. :D

I think, and as I am always preaching in my job, it's good to share. :D:D

Thanks you two,

H xx

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Sorry to be a pain, under the sub heading 'Coil' Donna states that shes 29 and then plus 13 is she insinuating that if you have a coil then this is your expected life span? I havent read this anywhere else and indeed did not know that having a coil means your life expectancy is reduced to this.

I read on the Brain & Spine Foundation that you should have normal life expectancy once your SAH has been dealt with.

Like I said sorry to be a pain probably got hold of the wrong end of the stick so to speak.


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Hi Anne I think it is people who of died of something completely different after 13 yrs it usually only happens to older people i shouldn't worry to much they just haven't been around as long as clips thats all you will be fine. Jess.xxx

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Hi Anne

I think all that was meant is that coiling is still in its early stages...and you are monitored regularly, so if there was to be any change it would be dealt with and sorted. So no reason for you not to have a normal life expectancy. Anne try not to worry...take care :D I am not a Doctor,and i am sure someone on here could explain a lot better than i, but if you are worried, a visit to your Consultant i am sure would make you feel reassured.

Take care

Love Tinaxx

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oh sugar i didnt mean it like that :lol::lol: dont worry guys x x

I was just looking up at the person to have coils the longest period of time which is 13 years so far.............. only because i know coils are a new thing but the best x x x x

Hope i havent worried anyone pm if you want :D

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