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Me again (sorry)

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Right another one for you knowledgable people.

Just hit my 6 month anniversary (25th Jan) of my SAH.


Yesterday I had a letter saying I am no longer being paid my ESA.

Devastated as I have no form of benefits or income.


I have had to give up my job as I was a self employed dog walker and I am no where near in any fit state to take on this role again.

I am also concerned that if I go for a job, that I cannot be reliable as there are some days I can't get out of my PJ's. 

I've been told I am not ill enough for PIP even though they do pay me £22 every 4 weeks as I am not able to drive yet.

How is everyone else coping ?


I feel cheated by the benefits system. I have worked all my life and pay all my taxes and when I need some support I feel so let down.

How and when did you all go back to work ?? X

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First, reply saying you want to appeal the decision.  They will do a mandatory review as they are now obliged to. This is to review their own decision. When you get a reply from that, appeal again immediately. Make sure you do that as the time limits are very strict and if you are out of time they won't review it.  It is from the date of the decision on the letter, not when you receive it so you must act immediately.


Second - get to the citizen's advice bureau or welfare rights people quickly to get the best advice possible.


Third - find out about the assessment you had.  Who was the person that did it, what are their qualifications in relation to the condition you have.  Have they reported the matter truthfully? Demand a full written copy of their assessment and challenge anything that is incorrect or misleading.  DWP are currently on latest figures losing 60% of appeals.  It would be more if more people appealed!   When you get an appeal date for a tribunal, make sure you turn up.  DWP don't turn up in some cases and if you do you are more likely to win.  It won't get you an instant answer and may take time to go through, but you must stick to your guns to win.


They rely on people not fighting decisions and their record on this issue is appalling.  Get your appeal in as quick as you can and state on it somewhere. This is a letter appealing against your decision of -------- (date ).  You can state your reasons later but you must appeal it straight away.


Good luck,



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Brilliant advice as always-definitely stick to your guns & don’t back down!

I had a nasah nearly 2 years ago, but luckily only work part time (I went back after 6 months). But i am a full time Carer for my daughter who’s disabled & have had to fight all the way for what she deserves & is entitled to. 

Be strong & lots of luck with everything ??

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I think that whilst you are appealing the ESA decision Job Seekers Allowance has to be claimed but that is done with conditions about what you can or can't do in relation to work.

I have read that this is what others have had to do so they receive an income whilst appealing.

Macca's advice is spot on.

You may be able to get help from this site too but beware they are inundated with spam at the moment.


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