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Pressure in my chest and head, 3 months after SAH

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HI, I'm new on the forum.  I suffered an SAH 3 months ago.  I feel pressure on my chest and in my head -not all the time, but enough of the time to make me worried.  My blood pressure is ok, I've done an echocardiogram and an EKG, all ok.  Does this sound like something any of you have felt in the past?  I know I feel it more with stress .  

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Hi Dina,

Welcome to the forum.  So sorry you had a SAH.  I am happy you found us, took me 6 months I think. 


In reading many posts here I have come to realize that many of us seem to have been left with something that leaves us wondering/worrying..I personally had my NASH followed by RCVS in May of 2017.  I do not have pressure in my chest or head but do have some unbalance, hence the name swishy as that is how I feel :)  I can struggle a bit with the supermarket, looking up and down makes me swish...but enough about me :)  


I am sure you will hear from other folks here who may shed some light on this for you.  Again Welcome, read through some of the posts their are many wonderful people here.  



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Hi Dina :)


A very warm welcome to BTG.


As Jean has said, many of us are left with something that cause us to worry and feel more anxious.

The good thing is, you have been and had a check up and all ok.


It may be stress and anxiety, 3 months is very early in your recovery. I had head pressure for quite a few months after SAH.

Your body could be telling you to slow down, maybe you are doing too much.

Rest up as much as possible and drink lots of water.


Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Take care

Tina xx



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I could not talk and walk and my lovely Daughter would always talk to me and I'd be breathless after being out of it for a while.


I worried about any pain in head or when I felt rough...on here I'd come and tell others and many a time I've come off here with laughter instead of worries xx  I say this non stop but stress is awful for us so be happy ie sing a happy song or take your mind off it any way you can 


Good luck

Win xxxx


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Thanks so much for responding to my inquiry.  You all made me feel so much better and so much less alone in this matter.  I'm not sure how to take it more easy but I'll try and I'll make an effort to be better hydrated.

Thanks again and again for you warm and encouraging words. 

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The first months post SAH are pretty scary and worrying . Every ache and pain triggers a response and no matter how rational or logical a thought we give it we still worry it’s somehow connected.


All I can share is what I have learnt in the time since then which for me is to sit with and watch.


I practise mindfulness, which is the practice of paying attention. I did it before SAH and have continued since and it’s helped me. It allows me to concentrate on breathing when I am in pain but also to just pay attention to what’s happening . Is it changing? What does it feel like? Not to judge it or solve it but just to observe it.


Then here is the thing, if something or one thing is really getting worse, say one symptom or pain and discomfort increasing then that’s  something you shouldn’t ignore but if it is shifting and changing and you can shift your attention to just your breathing, noticing the pause and pace of this then often you can ride that crest and the stress you will be holding, the anxiety you are feeling will flow away.


You aren’t alone. It’s ok to feel scared and it’s good to talk about that and you need to be kind and give yourself time to recover. The brain heals silently and invisibly but not without plenty or bumps  in the road. 




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