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Angela 50

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Hi all. Just want to say hello and say a little about my sah.


Really not sure where to start, we retired to turkey 8 years ago and were in uk for Christmas last year,


I don't really remember much at all of the few weeks leading up to Christmas but remember arriving at the hotel at Stanstead ready to fly home the next morning, walking into the lobby when it felt like someone had shot a rocket into my head.


The nhs really did me proud and I  was discharged early January after having a coil fitted. Couldn't fly home for 10 weeks and the take off and landing was so scary.


After 11 months, I have really bad short term memory, when I get tired, I get stressed and confused and start stuttering. I write lists to remind myself of what I need to do for the coming week, and a diary to remind myself of what I did last week.


I'm so glad my partner found your website. Reading some of the stories made me pluck up courage to ask him to write this.


I couldn't write this much without forgetting where I was. Thanks for reading my story. 

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Hi Angela welcome to btg I have took your full name off as lots of people see the posts.


You are still early in your recovery make sure you rest when you need to and drink plenty of water.


I still stutter when I feel tired drag my feet and get headaches.


Keeping a diary is a brilliant idea not only will it help you to remember things but in a couple of years time you can read it and see how far you have come.


Hope you keep getting better 

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Hi Angela


Welcome to BTG, glad your partner found us and helped write your intro. You are certainly lucky to have someone who cares and loves you enough to try and help in your recovery.


It's a long road back but sounds like you are making good progress on that journey. Take it slow and steady, drink plenty of water and rest, rest, rest. Also try and avoid stress as that will affect your fatigue.


I am over 3 and a half years post mine and still have moments when I stutter, struggle to find words and forget what I am saying mid sentence. But  I am so much better than the early days. Diaries and written notes are my life now so you have made a good start with yours.


Take care and take it slow! Be good to hear more from you.


Clare xx

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Hello Angela,


Welcome to BTG, my Daughter found this site and it has been brilliant for me, just to know there are others here who have been through the same and can laugh about it.


My Family were so good and patient with me and my sisters sung to me, had no option but to listen lol shhh !!  As I had hydrocephalus and remembered nothing until they put a shunt in to drain spinal fluid off brain.


I had coils put in  also,  I was told "No Stress"  so I sing and upset Hubs and Daughter. 


It takes a time to get over a bleed so slowly does it and I also repeat myself and have to ask hubby "Did I ask you this Al" short term memory is sooo bad but it is getting better.  I do believe singing helps me, shame I am tone deaf ha ha xx 


Good luck on recovery and remember it is a long Journey we are on but we are Survivors xxxx



Win xxxx



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Welcome Angela, wow! scary but each day is a gift it takes time to get over something like a SAH, slow and easy, listen to your body when it says had enough rest, keep hydrated and more so when its hot.


writing lists, keeping a diary are all good I still do that and with Christmas looming there will be lists, and lists of lists its crazy but it keeps me on track,


hope to hear more from you..

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Thank you all so much for the kind words and warm welcome. Have the 12 month MRA and consultation scheduled for mid December so fingers crossed all will be well. Do try to drink at least 3 liters a day especially in the height of the summer. I do lists of everything especially with Christmas just around the corner.


Hate having the blank times, can remember things from 2 years ago, but 2 weeks ago,where’s my diary? 

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