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Hi there

Alliance & Leicester Travel Insurance (Fortis) based in Southampton have been brilliant with no penalties whatsoever for SAH or high blood pressure. Pretty good annual global travel price too - £65-ish per annum. And I had to make a claim a couple of years ago to get home from the Middle East when my mum died suddenly. No quibbles or anything, they paid immediately I sent them all the receipts and info. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Sarah xx

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Hi Laura,

No not nosey at all, its nice people show and interest.

We are hoping to go to Florida, have had it booked since April this year, just hope we can get insurance cover at reasonable cost, i am going to phone our present insurer tomorrow and see what they have to say, it might be ok as we had it booked months ago but i think they will probably ask for more money that is why i wanted to see if anyone had any ideas here in case we need to look else where.

Doctor said it is ok for Dee to go as long as he feels up to it, so he thinks he will. Will be nice to get away for some sun, we fly on the 18th dec so a few weeks yet.


Poppy & Dee

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Good morning Karen,

insure and go phoned me this morning re my quote for travel insurance, whilst we could take out the policy Dee's SAH would not be covered, it could have been because he is not fully recovered but they could not say as it is computer generated. What i did discover though is if you ask for an online quote and then dont buy it they call you the next day and asked why you didnt purchase it, when you say it was too expensive they tell you they can get the price down for you!!!

Will let you know how we get on today with ref to getting it covered on our present policy.

Kind regards

Tina & Dee

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Morning Tina and Dee,

That's interesting to know ..... so you might be able to get a cheaper deal ..... can't be bad!

I suppose that I can understand their reason for not covering the SAH at the minute ....... good luck and let me know how you get on. K xx

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Hi Karen

Good news!!!!

I just got off the phone with our present travel insurance which comes free with our bank account, Dee isnt covered under the present policy (which we knew) but for an extra cost it could be covered, i was holding my breath as they were going to quote the figure, £40 wow we were so pleases and that will cover him for a whole year to!!!


Tina & Dee

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Guest Vivienne


Happy holidays to you all!!

I have a cruise holiday booked to go to Norway at the end of May, and I booked my travel insurance through Sainsbury's finance. It covers my aneurysm and cost only £26.90!

Give them a go!


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Hi Poppy & All

I've lots of information on this subject, you may PM me for full list I have on file (all up to date)

The Stroke Association do give Travel Insurance.

The Post Office also have some very reasonable rates

A few More:


The “Royal Association for Disability & Rehabilitation” produces a book with information on holiday accommodation in Britain & Ireland, for disabled people.

Details of the book can also be found on:

http://www.radarsearch.org or Tel No: 0207 2503222

HOLIDAY CARE: Can offer advice and will refer enquirers to a broker who specialises in providing cover for people with pre-existing medical conditions and can offer individual advice and quotes.

Tel No: 0845 1249971

AGE CONCERN: Has an insurance department, which provides holiday cover both in the United Kingdom and Abroad. There is no upper or lower age limit and they are able to provide quotes for most medical conditions.

Insurance Helpline Number: 0113 3893005 / 3893006

Medical Screening Line: 0800 387092

Hope these can help also.

The following companies also provide travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions

VENTURESURE: Tel No: 0800 181532

MEDI-COVER: Tel No: 0870 7353600

CHARTWELL: Tel No: 0208 9580901

ALL CLEAR PLUS: Tel No: 0870 7779339

CH FACILITIES: Tel No: 0870 7506711


Fellow Stoke Survivor

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