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Jo-Anne B

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Hello all from Ont Canada... first time posting on this informative site... I have found comfort and knowledge in reading all you've shared.


One year out now  from my SAH which was coiled on July 1 last year.. MRI shows I have another smaller aneurysm they have been keeping an eye on.


In the 400 or so days since my surgery, I have only enjoyed 5 days without a headache !  On the pain scale, most have been a 3 /10 and relieved with Tylenol.


First go round I suffered 5 days with the  unbearable headache most of us experienced before seeking help. Never again.. if these daily headaches soar to a 5 or worse I will get medical attention.


Word finding issues, especially with proper nouns, as in the names of people I love, and short term memory problems  come with the territory as I've been told.  

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I get headaches after SAH and I can manage them but sometimes I give into the odd paracetamol ..Mainly in the mornings !!


See Doc just to check all is okay,  as you know it is the right thing to do lol xxx 


Get round the Docs and double check as I was on paracetamols for a while and a woman up hospital said "Are you still on them and I told her when head gets too bad.  So they gave me a CT scan.


Don't do what I did scare myself witless  go see Doc xxx makes sense as we don't need worries xxxxx Good Luck xxx

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Hello Jo-Anne and also a warm welcome to BTG from across the waters.  Glad you are finding the site helpful.


Headaches is one of the debilitating side effects post SAH. Everyone is affected differently by the levels of severity.

You will find that increased stress, not keeping hydrate with plenty water and lack of rest throughout your day my have a baring on how you are affected.


Don`t hesitate to contact your medics to get peace of mind.


Looking forward to hearing more about you progress in the days ahead.


Please  feel welcome to visit the Green Room where you can take part in the daily banter. There is always something there to make you smile and take your mind away from living with SAH recovery. :)




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Welcome Jo-Anne, from another Canadian!  I live in the West Coast, Vancouver area.


My journey started almost 3 years ago (Oct 28, 2016).  Recovery is a long road, be gentle with yourself.  I am still feeling the effects of my brain bleed, and just realize that this is my new reality.  I am lucky, in that I don’t suffer from the bad headaches that people comment on, but I certainly get « brain fog », difficult time with my short term memory and the ever present fatigue.


No use fighting it, when I’m tired, I nap🤪.  I needed to modify my career, but you know the saying « when a door closes..... » I’m just thankful to still be able to walk through those doors 😊


You will find some much needed support  here,  I find myself returning to this web site when I need that bit of confidence and encouragement.


Good luck in your recovery, be kind to yourself, and remember to listen to what your body is telling you it needs!


Miles of smiles,



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Hi Jo Ann, glad you find Help in the site, there is comfort in knowing you are not alone and also reassuring that some of the odder feelings and effects that a healing brain can give are not cause for alarm.


Its good you keep an eye on your headaches, maybe just rate it each day on waking and then try if you can not to place a focus on it during the day. If it’s starts getting worse see that as your amber light warning and slow down what you are doing, reduce cognitive demand and stop for a bit. 


I carry a ‘head fog’ most days but now with the privilege of time I don’t really notice it and it’s rare now I need to take a paracetamol ( maybe similar strength to Tylenol? ) and it’s usually when the weather changes fast and the head fog really rolls in!


Take care, go steady. 

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