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Does having had an Evd increase chance of seizure?

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It's been 3 months since my SAH and am almost back to my old self. 

I recently appealed to the DVLA regarding the automatic 6 month driving ban after having had a temporary Evd for 8 days, during my stay in hospital. 


The response from them was, that having had an Evd, increased the likelihood of a Seizure. After 6 months, apparently the risk disappears. When I left hospital, there was no mention of seizure or any other side effect of having had an Evd.  I am curious as to how likely it is for, post Evd seizures. 


Surely the risks associated with a drain, are around infection and potential damage during insertion or removal. 

Any ideas, thoughts or personal experience would be good to hear. 






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I would say everything you have stated could be true but it must be a proven fact if DVLA say that there is a risk of seizure for 6 months. This is something you can't challenge. 

To get specific answers you need to contact your doctor, neurosurgeon or nurse specialist at the hospital you were treated.

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I had the same thing Bri and waited 10 months to get my licence back. 


Never heard it was due to possibility of seizures just knew it was automatic 6 month ban. 


You wont be be able to challenge it so unfortunately it will be a matter of acceptance. Hope your job doesn’t depend on a licence. Small consolation but you may be entitled to a free bus pass through your local council. 


Good luck


Clare xx

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I have had Epilepsy since 14 nothing to do with my SAH but when in hospital they fitted EVD's and I got ventriculitis.   None I remember but when told I was scared !! 


Just thought I'd add my tuppence worth  ha  xxx


Good luck on getting mobile xxx

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