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  1. Hi Terry, Just read your post. I had a similar NASAH experience to you, (without the collapsed lungs) Am now five months post bleed and generally feeling pretty good. I still seem to have a minor headache most days, with a surge when standing up quickly or bending down low. Same as you I believe. I am back to regular exercising without any problems, but I have accepted that if I physically over do things, I will suffer the consequences with A few days of funny heads and fatigue. Overdoing things can be concentrating at long meetings, or like last week, pulling out a tree trunk from the river that we live by. I am of the opinion that, although I am 95% back to normal, I may never get back to 100%. But will do as much as my physical condition allows me. You will find your own rhythm and learn your own limitations. Our brains have been through a hammering and getting through it all, is a day by day process. I hope you continue to heal as well as you appear to be doing, enjoy your time off work. You will be back in the cab before you know it. Regards Bri
  2. Hi, I just read your post. I hope you are well over your bleed and feeling strong. I also suffered a sah with no sign of a cause. Went to my 14 week check up with a new mri scan. Still no cause evident. Apparently it was more typical of an aneurysmal bleed pattern, with complications associated with a large sah. The Neurosurgeon had no answers to what could be the cause. Just for me to get my (perfectly normal) blood pressure checked regularly and to drink no more than the recommended units of alcohol. Like you I would like a better idea of what and why. It looks like the answers aren't out there. I take great solace from the fact that rebleeds from NASAH are very, very rare. My specialist said she had only seen 1 in sixteen years. The intend to carry on as normally as I can and try not to be held prisoner by what has happened. Stay fit, be healthy and get on with a full and enjoyable life.
  3. Just a quick update. I saw the neurologist yesterday at my (nearly 4 months) post bleed check up. She showed me the original mri scans of my brain against the ones taken last week. Apparently it was a large SAH that was typical of an Aneurysm rupture. But because they couldn't find the cause, after two angiogram, 2 CT and 2 mri scans, it is classed as a Non aneurysmal SAH. There appears to be a bit of staining on the front left side of my brain as a result of the bleed. My neurologist seemed very pleased with my overall recovery,. She told me that I can build up my exercise regime to my previous levels. I asked about the chance of a future rebleed. She said that only 15% of SAH patients are classed as Non aneurysmal and in the 16 years she had been a neurologist, she had only had one of these patients have a rebleed. Good enough for me! I intend to get back on my bike and hit the road ASAP, might even get back to the gym. Mild Headaches and periods of tiredness will no doubt be a new part of my immediate future, but I intend to live a long and full life, without dwelling on what has happened and whether it could happen again. Regards Brian.
  4. Hi Ben. I had a similar effect on my taste. It lasted a couple of months before I could appreciate the full range of flavours of the food I eat. It got better as time went on. Water still has a slight, bitter taste, although it's a lot better than before. It's been just over three months since my SAH, recovery is definitely frustrating, good weeks followed by bad weeks. The bad weeks usually follow a period of me overdoing it. Expect tiredness and "funny heads" And as everyone says, listen to your body. Regards Bri.
  5. Hi, It's been 3 months since my SAH and am almost back to my old self. I recently appealed to the DVLA regarding the automatic 6 month driving ban after having had a temporary Evd for 8 days, during my stay in hospital. The response from them was, that having had an Evd, increased the likelihood of a Seizure. After 6 months, apparently the risk disappears. When I left hospital, there was no mention of seizure or any other side effect of having had an Evd. I am curious as to how likely it is for, post Evd seizures. Surely the risks associated with a drain, are around infection and potential damage during insertion or removal. Any ideas, thoughts or personal experience would be good to hear. Bri.
  6. Thanks Dave, Very useful and practical input. I am feeling stronger as each week passes. I have started doing exercises that keep my core strength up and will go out walking at a fair lick, without pushing it. Aware that a headache is always waiting. We are away to Spain for two weeks camping in 12 days. It will be a challenge not to do my normal hill walking and evening run, before enjoying the local Rioja. It's great to hear how other people are dealing with their own recovery, and quite uplifting to know that there is every chance I will be back to my old self in a few months. Bri.
  7. Thanks Chris. That's just what I wanted to hear. It's good that you have put it behind you and got back to where you were. I look forward to getting fit again. My bleed happened while doing some weight training. Perhaps one day I will be able to look at weights without a bit of fear that it could happen again. Regards Brian
  8. Hi Macca, Thanks for the input. No doubt you are right. I will stick to taking the dog out for his daily walk until I have had the scan, and seen the neurologist in September. My wife is on my case if she thinks I have over done things. Bri.
  9. Hi Claire, Thanks for sharing your experience. I am having an Mri in September and seeing the neurologist a week later. I will try and take your advise and keep the trainers locked up until then. It is strange condition to deal with, having no outward signs of illness and being, almost back to my old self. I hope that the headaches, tired days and the associated disconnection between brain and mouth that seems to occur sometimes, will be gone soon but that might be wishful thinking. At least there are dozens of posts on this site from people like yourself, who are further down the road, to read and gain some understanding of this strange condition. Bri.
  10. Hello there, I am very pleased to have found this forum, specifically for those who suffered a non aneurysmal bleed. I am 58 years old and had my bleed back in May (24th). A total of 3 weeks in hospital, an Evd fitted for 8 days, with one episode of vasospasm on day 4 post bleed. CT, MRI and two angiograms couldn't find the cause of the SAH. Upon release, I was told that I should go home and, get back to doing what I did before. Since coming home, I have gained all the weight I lost in hospital and I am capable of doing most jobs around the house. Although I still suffer mild headaches after too much exertion or if I stand up quickly. What I want to do is start running again, I am missing the physical release and de stressing benefits of a decent jog. It is now two months since the bleed and would be interested to hear other people's opinion on when to get back doing exercise.
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