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Problem walking in a straight line

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When I’m walking I often find I start to head off towards the right particularly if I’ve been walking for a while. I wonder if it’s a balance problem caused by the SAH. I’ve my first follow up visit in a couple of weeks so I will ask but I just wondered if anyone else has experienced anything similar. 

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Hello Sallios, Yes, I had really bad balance problems initially. I had to use a walker and then a cane as I improved.


I had about 3 months specialized PT and that helped. Learned some tricks to help  ~ like focus on one point while turning and then focus on another point to complete turn (don’t move head to follow turn). At 20 months post SAH I don’t use a cane, but have some odd days when my balance is a bit off.


I usually have to slow down or hold on to my husband’s arm. Now, I also get some dizzy spells (nausea and vomiting) and headaches ~ different than being off balance. They told me probably vestibular migraines. I think stress and change in barometric pressure contribute.  

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Had my follow up today. Consultant not surprised when I told him I tend to veer off to the right.


He did a few simple tests and said bleed had damaged the part of brain that controls balance. He said it’s still early days and to be patient.


If after a year I still do it he says it’s likely to be permanent but to wait and see as it might improve.


Showed me the scan pictures which showed I had a very big bleed as it covered everywhere. I’ve been lucky not to be far worse off.


Memory is ropey. I had an appointment for a blood test at doctor’s this morning.


Walked from home then found myself near the car park by the local shop (I live in a village). Stopped and asked myself where I was going. Turned round and saw the surgery about 100 metres away on the other side of the road. I’d walked straight past! 

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