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Welcome Jojo!

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OK, to explain. There was a post on the Brain and Spine foundation forum from a Jojo a couple of weeks ago which I replied to and I just wondered if it was the same person. I also dropped in the address of this site.

You can read the thread here:


Sorry again Jojo if that wasn't you.



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Thanks for the welcome..... yes I am the same jojo who's husband wouldnt take medication. managed to get him to complete the nimotops but is still being a bad patient! only today the doctor convinced him to take his blood pressure pills I am hoping tomorow he will take them again. apparently where he had the bleed it has affected the front part of his brain that makes him I cant think of the word but cannnot read and does not understand. Again thanks for the welcome

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Hi Jojo,

Sounds as though you are going through a really hard time with your Husband, just hope that you are getting enough support yourself. Do you have family about you to help out?

I can remember reading about the frontal lobe and how it affects understanding, personality etc. I will have to read up on it again, as my memory doesn't absorb as much as it used to.

We have a few carer's on the site now and it's good to hear about their experiences, as they also need support.

How long ago did your Husband have the SAH?

Recovery from SAH seems to vary greatly with us all. You've probably seen other postings on this site regarding that one. Fatigue was a major issue for me for a long time and I still have days where I'm knocked out

if I overdo it. When I get extremely tired, I can get pretty grumpy and just need to be left alone to re-charge my batteries and then I'm fine! I'm 17 months post SAH)

It does all get better with time, but for me personally, recovery rate has been slow. I know that for others on this site, recovery has been quicker, but emotionally we probably all still struggle from time to time.

We have another carer on the site, Andy Howland, who's lovely wife Heather had a SAH and was in hospital for quite a while........ I know that he's also had a fair few trials throughout Heather's recovery......he hasn't posted for a little while, but I know that he occasionally looks in at the site....so I hope that he reads this posting.....as I'm sure that he could offer you some really good support.

Anyway, must go, way past my bedtime now!

Remember to also look after yourself also and get help if you need it .... don't struggle, if help isn't offered then ask for it.

Catch you later,

Love K x

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Hi Jojo

Nice to hear from you.

After my SAH I found reading really difficult & I found it very hard to understand things too, very frustrating & extremely frustrating for the person who is the carer I can understand that NOW.

Yes I hope your getting enough support & if not do ASK there's nothing wrong in asking I know how difficult WE SAH all can be.

Take care of yourself


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Hi Jojo,

I remember that reading was really annoying... I was conscious of moving my eyes from one word to the next. I also sometimes wanted to watch the TV without the sound on, or had to just have it turned off all together because the moving pictures were making me uncomfortable. None of this is a problem for me today (14 months now).

Thinking of you,


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