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PIP Appeal Advice

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I am new on here - I am a carer for my husband who has also joined today but it may take a while for him to post.


He recently applied for PIP for the first time and was turned down which we were prepared for.  However am interested to hear from anyone regarding recent experience on having the decision reviewed/appealed and were you given any assistance by Citizens Advice or another organisation as wanting to make sure I do the best and give the best advice to my husband.


Thanks in advance 🙂

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Welcome to BTG, although we don't give advice on Benefits there may be some members with recent experience of PIP,

Age UK have experienced benefit advisors as does your local council or county council. Search for Welfare Rights Advisors on their websites. You could also try the Stroke Association or your local Law Centre if you have one.


Online you could try youreable forums. Although not qualified advisors there is a certain chap on there that really knows his stuff and gives excellent advice.



In the first instance request a copy of the assessment report and the Decision Makers report. That way you know where the downfalls are.The key to a successful application for PIP is not to focus on the condition but how you are affected. There are descriptors in the Decision Makers handbook that have to be met. Key words are also looked for. Do not make the mistake of calling the assessor a liar or suchlike. That is irrelevant..


Please be aware that you have to apply for a Mandatory Consideration within 28 days of the date on the decision letter. Information can be sent later. A MC has to be done before you proceed to Tribunal.


Things are taking so long with DWP due to circumstances so act asap. Another thing, the phone jockeys on the whole are poorly trained so may not give you the correct information.


Hope this helps and the best of luck for your husband to get the award he is entitled too.

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Hi Mario


Many thanks for the reply - as I said in the OP I was looking for anyone with recent experience - would never expect to get "advice" online.


Saying that many thanks for the link to yourable and the information you have provided - it is certainly been helpful and will give me something to look at over the next day or so.  We are aiming to call on Friday to do the MC but wanted to have a better idea on what to expect and you have certainly given me that.


We realise that this is a long process and current events have made things so much longer.


Stay safe, be well in the current climate and thanks for your reply.

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As Supermario says make sure you appeal within 28 day of the the date on the decision letter - not from when you receive it.  Unless theere is something blatantly wrong, the DWP will usually back their own, original decision.  So try and get your appeal letter prepared before it arrives so it is ready to send off straight away.  You can always amend it slightly if there is something unexpected in your letter.  Make sure your letter says I wish to appeal the decision of --/--/----.  


When the appeal date is due, make sure you attend. The decision will more likely go for you if you attend than if you don't.


DWP don't even attend a lot of appeals anymore.  They are currently losing about 70% of appeals.  It seems they are playing a percentage game.


The people hearing the appeals are generally very nice, so there is no need to be nervous. You can take a friend with you or a representative if you wish.  


Good luck,



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Hi there


Warm welcome.

I applied for PIP and wasn't turned down thankfully, just wanted to say I went through CAB (citizen advice) and cant praise them enough, don't fill the forms in yourself as they have correct terms to put in... 

I hope you don't have to wait too long for the right decision to be made...

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Hi Macca and Louise


Many thanks for your replies.


We had already filled in the forms ourselves but we will get advice when we do the appeal letter. 


Again many thanks for the advice -be safe and be well to you both.

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Yes please don't do it yourself, and never fill in the forms yourself we learnt that the hard way but I thought CAB was brilliant, there are others I know...  Helpful and very nice put you at ease.


take care.

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