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Can’t seem to relax

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I’m now about 4.5 months post NASAH and have a question for the members here.  Towards the end of every day I get jittery and can’t relax. It almost feels like I’m really tired but can’t sleep.  It’s exhausting but I can’t sleep so the rest when I can thing doesn’t help. 

Thanks for your input. 

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Hi Packcuz


Feel for you. I still get like that even now sometimes. For me. its when i have overdone things and over tired. 

I know you said you started a phased return to work. How is that going ? Do you think you are maybe pushing too fast ? 


4.5 months is still very early in your recovery.  Your brain is trying to carry on as normal and also repair. Maybe you could try and find a way to slow down a bit during the day?


Take care 


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I’ve been back to work full time for several months. I guess what’s tough is that if I didn’t work that is a huge emotional burden but when I do work it is probably harder on me physically.  I guess what I was curious most about was if this was a common feeling that people have.  It’s hard not to think that you should be past all of this when you still may have a ways to go.  

i really appreciate all of the information and support from this group!

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I am going on 12 years out from the SAH and still have some nights where I am so fidgety I can barely tolerate myself. I really can’t say it is or isn’t related to the SAH, or some other neurological issue ( I have some pretty serious spinal arthritis). I agree with Tina that often it is related to being overtired. I use an herbal tea with Passion flower that helps. 



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I am 3 years out from my event.  I had a lot of worry about my job right after my SAH....I kept telling everyone that I wanted to get back to work....It really doesn't seem to make sense to me now why I was so intense about it.  I did go back to work and worked 3 more years and recently retired.  


Looking back at it I think I used a lot of mental energy, and some physical trying to keep everything in order...It was exhausting.

I have found time to be the biggest healer for me...it hasn't been very long since your event, I know you probably feel like it has been, I understand that.   The brain healing is unlike any other illness we may have experienced in our lives.  It is slow but steady, I found. I am still better each year as I look back on my progress. 


I hope you find your days to improve as time moves forward.  Be very gentle and kind to yourself.  I found this to be so important but it took me a while to realize it.  We are here for you, we know how difficult it is...

Be well

xx Jean

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