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Hi Guys

Just a general query really. I had my SAH in August last year (sounds weird!) and the headaches went away for a while but over the last three weeks they seem to have come back quite badly - to the point at times where it makes me catch my breath. Its almost like a pressure feeling at the back of my head (similar to how it felt when my anuerysm popped) and then a sharp stabbing feeling where the anuerysm is. I just wondered if this was normal (or as normal as can be expected) or whether its something worth getting checked out. My Doc misinformed me so much last time I went to him that I'm reluctant to go back to him and I know that its impossible to see my neurosurgeon without an appointment and I don't think my Doc has any power over getting me an appointment at the hospital regarding this.

I'm quite a resilient person but the headaches coming back has started to get me down again and I've been quite tearful over the holiday (especially yesterday). Anyone got any tips or advice? :?

Many thanks

Sami xxx

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Hi Sami

I had my SAH about the same time as you and I've found my headaches are becoming more frequent as well. I sometimes get some weird twinges and stabbing pains above my right eye although they are not usually too bad. Over the Christmas period, I've not been sleeping during the day and I've been very tired at times, so I've just put it down to ignoring my brain telling me to rest. Others here say the headaches can keep coming back, especially if you are tired or run down.

At my 3 month follow-up appointment, my neurosurgeon told me that if I have any problems or concerns then i should contact the SAH specialist support nurse at the hospital - I was given all the contact details when I was discharged from Southampton. Do you not have a similar system of contact/support? I would try to talk to someone at the hospital if you are at all concerned.



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Hi guys

It could all be to do with all the pressure of the Festive season it really takes it out of you even if you dont think it is but I'd go see your doc & have a chat.

Sami maybe it was one of those things your GP missinforming you it may not be his thing Neuro stuff.......

And I think your doc can get you an appointment with the Neuro dept if he thinks its needed....

I was told that if I had any problems to go back to the hospital if your worried enough they wont turn you away....

I really would either see the doc or go back to the Neuro unit at the hospital its worth a chat with them anyway.

Well hope that ramble makes sense to you take it easy.


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Hi Sami,

If in any doubt, go to your Doctor.

For me personally, even at 12 months post SAH, I was getting very bad headaches.........it can be quite scary when the heads are bad and it brings back some horrible feelings, that are stressful and upsetting. Again, mine came in spates and could be with me for quite some days, I'm not sure how normal this is though. It's only in the last three months or so, that these spates have subsided and headache frequency has got less and I'm nearly at the year and a half stage. It's taken me a long time to realise that nothing bad is probably going to happen to me when I get these spells, it's not easy to cope with and again, it comes with the passage of time.

Just make sure that you're not overdoing things though, but you should go to your Doc if you're feeling really anxious and ask him if he can refer you to your Neuro Consultant?

Love K x

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Hey guys

They aren't excrutiating but it was just weird that they had gone and then seemed to come back. I've told Paul that if they're still here in a weeks time and making me feel worried then I will make an apointment with the Doc - it probably is the festive period and not resting properly - I probably get more rest when I'm at work than I do at home!!!

I knew that I'd be more susceptible to headaches than before and for me its the worst thing I could have - I've always hated headaches - but I just hope that they subside a little.

Does anyone is know if irregular eating and too much chocolate can cause them too? When I'm at work I have a fairly solid routine whereas through the Christmas period I haven't.

Oh well, ce la vie!!!

Well am off home now - have a small trip to Tesco to make so that Siobhan is stocked up for lunches on her return to school tomorrow.

Catch you all tomorrow

love Sami xxx

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Hey there

I'd take the bull by the horn & go have a chat now while you feel like this, but yes it could just be the hussle & bussle of the time of year.

I think you guys that have managed back to work are brilliant I wish it was me sadly its not, maybe your pushing it too much, it was a SAH not a broken limb, its still healing its not a 6/8 week heal it takes a long time push too hard & its going to take longer.

Yes if your hungry or past eating I get a headach & sadly too much choccis for me is a bad thing, its a hell at this time of the year :(

Ok getting off my soapbox now its not really a soapbox its what I was told oh long time ago now I was pushing too hard because its what I thought I should be doing all I was doing was causing myself grief.... :cry:

Take care


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Hi there

Yeah I know I'm pushing myself too much too quickly and saying "Hey come on its four months now" when i know that its going to take at least a year for mt brain to "heal". Its just when you have no physical ailments resulting from the SAH you tend to think that you can do more than you really can.

Paul and I are trying the two weeks drop a jean size thing with Kelloggs so I'm going to be able to make sure that I have something to eat at the same time each day.

Head isn't so bad today.



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Hi there

Sorry about delay in answering I was LOCKED OUT OF THE SITE hope it wasnt because I was being honest.

Yeh I know what that's like only too well not looking as though you've had an SAH, but how should you look thats what I want to know after all 'what's normal' as they say!!! :?

take it easy bye just now.


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