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Top Sante article

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Hi Caroline,

I've still not been able to pick up a copy of Top Sante and haven't read Yasmin's article .... All of the newsagents and supermarkets down here, don't seem to stock it .... If anybody is able to scan the article and send it to me via email, I would be very grateful....

Yasmin, I hope that you were happy with the article, as I know that you wanted to get your point across, re: SAH and the Fast Campaign.... I owe you an email .... xx

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Hi all

Thanks for all your comments on the article, anyone who has'nt read it yet its Oct issue sold in Tesco,Sains etc, most gyms get free copies too.

Karen I will try and get my hubby to scan it and forward it to you they did'nt even tell me it was out I saw it by chance on the shelf then got an email last week!! did'nt get a free copy either, anyway beside all that if it raises awareness it was worth doing

Hope everyone is well

Love and Kisses



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Due to copyright issues, if anybody that hasn't been able to purchase the October 2009 edition of Top Sante and would like to have a copy of Yasmin's article emailed to them, then please contact us at behindthegray via the Home page and click on "Contact Us" at the left hand side of the Site Navigation bar.

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Hi all

Yes I got Top Sante yesterday (they are difficult to find, a few years ago they used to be sold in every newsagent).

Yes it's a really inspirational article and Yasmin, you look fabulous in your picture so certainly no one could guess all you've been through! Like you I feel I've been given a second chance.


Anne x

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